The much less harmful nuts than you thought for your diet

fatOften undertaken crusades against the nuts, but the studies and research only serve to prove that they are not as fattening as it seems and that also provide nutrients that are really very beneficial for the body. For this reason, do not miss this piece, where you container why 100 calories of nuts are not the same as 100 calories of sugar.

For a long time the nuts were considered taboo material in a diet, especially for its calorie content and for its fat. It is accurate, has both machinery present. But, comparing for example with sugar, 100 calories of nuts would not be the same as eating 100 calories of sugar. And if you keep reading the note you will discover why.

As is happening with avocado, another calorie fruit but it brings interesting questions for diet, nuts are beginning to be seen in a very different way. And it is the same science that is taking care of these natural delights proves far less fattening than popular belief and common places often dictate.

One of the enthusiasts that have scientific support nuts to help you lose weight is Luis Jimenez, author of what science says diet, who recommends in this publication and also reaffirms its blog, collecting many investigations speak in favor of the use of this class of natural foods, always based on science.

Many investigations actually there on the subject. But some examples, such as that a British study that followed 10,000 people for 6 years and found that those who ate nuts more than twice a week showed less obesity have enough. Or that American research, which found, in a group of 50,000 women, those who ate these foods also suffered a minor overweight. Thus, cases are still counting, always showing favorable evidence.

The best nuts you can incorporate into your diet are the pistachios, almonds and walnuts. Although, a good mix of nuts, as long as they have no added sugar or salt, are an excellent alternative to enjoy the most varied of their properties. So yes, peanuts or peanuts are perhaps not the most appropriate.

And to help you lose weight, not only will you be incorporating energy and healthy fats, but also give up your HDL, will offer fiber and protein, many minerals such as potassium, magnesium or calcium, plus vitamins of every kind and color. Hence, nuts are a complete food wherever you look and you can take one serving a day without any problems.

In conclusion, the same fat ¿100 calories of sugar 100 calories of nuts? The answer is clearly no. While taking a good mix of fruits will provide power quality greasy acids, fiber, protein and numerous micronutrients, refined white sugar only give you empty calories that quickly will stay in your body if you do not burn quickly. So, next, you better avoid this sweeter than a handful of almonds.

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