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dietThe sodium is responsible for many people with high blood pressure and / or fluid retention. So if you suffer from both conditions and one associated with overweight, you can consider 5 ways to remove salt to your meals in a practical and easy way.

Sodium is much more than table salt that you usually use to spice up your meals. While table salt contains sodium, this product is not the only one who brings.

Overweight, high blood pressure and fluid retention are three conditions that can be associated and need special treatment; not only for drugs that the doctor will direct you to take, but by the dietary treatment you need done r.

To be effective dietary treatment can add some tips to help you reduce sodium meals.

How do you decrease the sodium content of foods

First remove the salt shaker from your table. You can replace common salt for low sodium salts or salts of vegetables such as garlic salt or onion salt. They contain sodium but in less quantity. They are suitable for people with blood pressure in the normal limit and suffer some fluid retention.

Search hidden sodium. Sodium is a mineral which is part of stabilizers, sweeteners and preservatives, such as sodium cyclamate and sodium benzoate. If you suffer from fluid retention or your blood pressure is high, it is important to remove these products from the diet. Generally the products that contain them are diet sodas, canned foods, frozen foods and pre cooked kneaded cakes, bread, etc.

Be careful with the drinks. Beyond that there is diet soda containing sodium cyclamen sweetener like there juices or mineral water rich in sodium.Important to choose mineral water without sodium or very low sodium and instead choose replace them with natural juice concentrate juices that are rich in potassium, a mineral that competes with sodium and helps lower pressure.

Add foods rich in potassium. Potassium, as I said above, competes for the sodium. While the latter ups the pressure, potassium decreases it. On the other hand, stimulates the renal system to remove excess fluid from the body. Within this group of foods are tomatoes, citrus in general, banana, vegetables and vegetables.

Eliminates meats, sausages and meats from the diet. These are high in sodium, especially because sodium helps keep these products therefore must remove them from the diet.

If you add these tips to a balanced hypo caloric diet you not only will reduce you control your blood pressure and fluid retention, but to lose weight naturally and gradually.

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