Light and detoxifying drink

dietWant to try a different refreshment, light, perfect for summer and will also help to detoxify the body?  Well, if so, do not miss this article, where you’ll find a recipe for scrumptious lemonade.

There are plant foods, such as lemon and asparagus, which have slimming properties. To take advantage of these benefits you can combine these foods and prepare light lemonade and detoxifying, ideal way to beat the heat.

Asparagus plants are contributing:

Fiber helps eliminate excess fats and sugars from the diet, as well as toxins that prevent the normal functioning of the intestine.

Falconoid that improve cellular antioxidant activity. Favors uptake fat for energy.

Vitamins and raw materials that enhance the antioxidant action and favor the elimination of liquids.

As lemon, this is considered:

An alkalize improving internal balance and prevents the accumulation of fat in adipose tissue.

An antioxidant, as it provides vitamin C. This vitamin improves the utilization of fat for energy.

A diuretic food, as it provides potassium. This mineral stimulates the elimination of excess fluids from the body.

These two plant foods is added kiwi, other fruit that is not only low in calories but provides fiber, potassium and other substances that promote body detoxification .

Now that you know how the lemonade ingredients of this work, we are on the recipe.

Recipe of light refreshment and detoxifying


6 stalks of asparagus.

2 kiwis, peeled and cut into square.

1 peeled lemon.


Cut fruits and asparagus and place in the juice extractor.Processes and stir.Pour the juice into a glass and drink right away to take advantage of all its properties.If you wish you can add a little low-sodium mineral water.

Do not miss incorporate this drink in your diet can be a great snack or part of breakfast. It is also healthy and very tasty.

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