Aronia smoothie antioxidant to your diet

slimA delicious smoothie will help you get in shape and take this fruit

Have you ever heard of aroma? Behind the small fruit is a powerful antioxidant level of blueberries and other berries like. Learn how to incorporate it into your diet on a great smoothie to lose weight!


The aronia is a fruit that not only has low calories but also has to his credit many antioxidants, something that will always come in handy for your diet.

Do not miss one great smoothie recipe as you’ll find in this note! Perfect for summer and to take advantage of the nutrients in this fruit.


Half a cup of fresh Aronias

Half a cup of orange juice freshly squeezed

Half cup diced apple


Place fresh and well washed in the bowl of the mixer Aronias. Add the orange juice and then diced apple. Process until smooth and ready. Add more juice or water if necessary until desired consistency

Once you are ready, you will not have more than drinking this antioxidant and slimming smoothie fasting s, so enjoy all its properties to the fullest.

Sweetened with a no caloric product or if you want to drink it as well, which will be perfect with the natural sweetness and all the properties of these great fruits.


What gives you this shake?

Antioxidants and more: The Aronias have three times more reservation than grapes or blueberries, which is always great as an antioxidant, which helps to lose fat and improve health overall. In addition, they provide only 50 calories per 100 grams and are highly nutritious in every way.

It is satisfying: Both apples and oranges and also provide you aronia fibers. This makes you feel satiated from earlier in the day. In addition, the nutrients will give this smoothie be unmatched for energy premium.

Vitamins, minerals and more: The fruit gives micronutrients, those who do not see but that are essential to your diet. Minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, little details that, if not you consider in your diet, generate deficits.

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