Light prawn cocktail

dietPreparing low fat and only 170 calories

If you’re dieting and do not know what to eat, I invite you to meet this recipe for shrimp cocktail light, main dish low in fat, and that only adds 170 calories.

When you diet you need to combine certain foods that allow you to make low calorie, low fat and substances that help you to increase the burning of fat, such as antioxidants.The light prawn cocktail is an example of this type of recipes that you can include in your diet. Continue reading “Light prawn cocktail”

Treatment for cellulite and liquid preservation

dietLymphatic drainage is a treatment that uses aesthetically as it can help to treat cellulite. Nevertheless, there are many who wonder if it helps or not relieve heavy legs as a result of fluid retention.

There is much talks of lymphatic drainage, but begins to understand how it works and how it can help you lose weight, nothing beats what.

What is lymphatic drainage?

Lymphatic drainage is a rather old technique created in 1936, is a circulation therapy through the application of massage that act directly lymphatic system. This system meets various functions, such as transporting fat, improve immunity, eliminate proteins and eliminate toxins from the body. Continue reading “Treatment for cellulite and liquid preservation”

Weight lose plane

dietUnfortunately, eating disorders have increased, including not just anorexia and bulimia are the only ones that exist. Others not as well known as the megarexia can affect health. If you want to know what it is and how it affects health, do not miss more on this hand disorder anorexia.

Much is said and discussed in relation to eating disorders and how they affect the health of the sufferer, can even cause death.

Although anorexia and bulimia are the best known, there are others that can be as dangerous diseases how are you. One of the not so well known is the megarexia disorders.

What is megarexia? Continue reading “Weight lose plane”

Aronia smoothie antioxidant to your diet

slimA delicious smoothie will help you get in shape and take this fruit

Have you ever heard of aroma? Behind the small fruit is a powerful antioxidant level of blueberries and other berries like. Learn how to incorporate it into your diet on a great smoothie to lose weight!


The aronia is a fruit that not only has low calories but also has to his credit many antioxidants, something that will always come in handy for your diet. Continue reading “Aronia smoothie antioxidant to your diet”

Remove salt and easily implemented

dietThe sodium is responsible for many people with high blood pressure and / or fluid retention. So if you suffer from both conditions and one associated with overweight, you can consider 5 ways to remove salt to your meals in a practical and easy way.

Sodium is much more than table salt that you usually use to spice up your meals. While table salt contains sodium, this product is not the only one who brings.

Overweight, high blood pressure and fluid retention are three conditions that can be associated and need special treatment; not only for drugs that the doctor will direct you to take, but by the dietary treatment you need done r. Continue reading “Remove salt and easily implemented”

Light and detoxifying drink

dietWant to try a different refreshment, light, perfect for summer and will also help to detoxify the body?  Well, if so, do not miss this article, where you’ll find a recipe for scrumptious lemonade.

There are plant foods, such as lemon and asparagus, which have slimming properties. To take advantage of these benefits you can combine these foods and prepare light lemonade and detoxifying, ideal way to beat the heat.

Asparagus plants are contributing:

Fiber helps eliminate excess fats and sugars from the diet, as well as toxins that prevent the normal functioning of the intestine. Continue reading “Light and detoxifying drink”

Menus regulating glucose and weight control

dietMany people who want to lose weight fail to do so because they suffer from glucose intolerance. This situation affects many, not knowing suffering from pre diabetes. Therefore, once you have your diagnosis is essential to the management of the APP diet foods, for which you need to know menus to help you regulate blood sugar and weight control.

Many people who want to lose weight fail to do so because they suffer from glucose intolerance. This situation affects many, not knowing suffering from pre diabetes. Therefore, once you have your diagnosis is essential to the management of the APP diet foods, for which you need to know menus to help you regulate blood sugar and weight control. Continue reading “Menus regulating glucose and weight control”

Slimming diet and watch your bones

slimOne of the biggest problems that many women and men face is osteoporosis, even taking some extra kilos. Therefore, if you want to lose weight and care for your bones you can not miss this APP hypo caloric diet rich in calcium.

There are studies that support the action of calcium on the process of losing fat, so you better take advantage of these benefits and also protect bone diseases like osteoporosis.Note that in the APP diets find different diets to suit your needs.

Low calorie menus that strengthens bones Continue reading “Slimming diet and watch your bones”

A disorder that affects diabetics

weight loseThere are many eating disorders that can affect the quality of life of many people, including those suffering from diabetes. Apparently, there is growing disorder know as Diablerie. If you want to know more about this disease, do not miss to know what it is, what are its causes and complications?

Bulimia 1

Bulimia and anorexia are two eating disorders that present different variants, one of which is the Diabulimia.

Defining Diabulimia

The Diabulimia is an eating disorder that affects patients with type 1 diabetes. Such compensatory mechanisms people use to lose weight, within which are found not only vomiting but also prevent insulin or reduce the dose. Moreover, reducing calorie intake insulin default. Continue reading “A disorder that affects diabetics”

A delicious and refreshing blend to cleanse your body

fatAre you thinking of a good detox juice fresh and healthy this summer? Then do not lose sight of this delicious recipe. Combine flavors like grapefruit and cucumber. And meets fabulous properties for your health. Do not miss the recipe and put it into practice as soon as possible!

Grapefruit juice A combination of grapefruit, fennel and mint not only be tasty and refreshing, but also be very healthy. It is for this reason that you should not miss the recipe for this summery fresh juice, which has been meeting these three ingredients to form a completely great detox drink, given the characteristics of these ingredients. Do not miss this recipe! Continue reading “A delicious and refreshing blend to cleanse your body”