Why is it important to eat healthy while on a diet

fatDieting is necessary for many people who have some extra kilos, so perhaps you pose a dilemma on how to lose weight. Therefore, I invite you to do I know why it is important to eat healthy while dieting.

Dieting does not mean eating poorly or enter into a process of malnutrition. Nothing is further from reality; carry out a diet must be accompanied by a healthy and balanced process. Perhaps you wonder why it’s so important.

Reasons why you need to eat healthy if you want to lose weight

Organic stress. When you start a weight loss plan body is subjected to a particular stress, as they begin to mobilize the deposited fat in adipose tissue. All organic and physiological process is operated and generates a stress to the body.

If you are doing the diet does not provide the necessary vitamins and minerals, the body recovers and falls in fatigue, both physical and mental fatigue.

Malnutrition. To lose weight you can do it quickly with a narrow and unbalanced diet, but this can lead to malnutrition which can lead to a covert malnutrition, especially malnutrition of minerals and vitamins. If this vitamin-mineral imbalance occurs can lead to increased appetite, and the body responds by consuming more food to replenish the missing nutrients in the body.

Rebound effect. If you make the diet is not healthy can fall into a significant rebound effect. You can lose weight, but you can gain more than you lost . Therefore, it is important to incorporate all the nutrients with diet, although this is a diet to lose weight.

Digestive problems . If you want to lose weight is important to do it in a healthy way, because if it is too restrictive, especially high protein, the digestive system can be altered causing gallbladder, liver and constipation problems.

It is important that you consider that you can not maintain a diet for life, so it is important to learn to eat healthy eating habits and add that not only help you stay on weight, but also to avoid the complications of obesity . Surely you will lose weight more slowly, but the results will be more effective and lasting.

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