Rich smoothies to prepare moringa powder

lose weightA fruit rich in vitamin B, antioxidants and more

Today, the moringa has become a kind of fashion fruit. Reasons for it to be so fitted. Want to incorporate it into smoothies that can help you lose weight? Then you just have to read this article and see how to prepare them.


Have you already heard of moringa? For it is a fruit that has some rather interesting properties. First, it is good to suppress appetite considered; it’s great to turn the diuretic and digestive system. Cleans the body well, and is also rich in antioxidant vitamin B, a key substance in converting food into energy.

So far, so very cute. How do you go about incorporating this fruit to your daily diet? Most commonly in the world, except in certain countries where Moringa grows naturally, is taking it in powder form. Thus, it can be easily incorporated into shakes and smoothies of all kinds. All have three great suggestions here!

Pineapple smoothie and moringa: standing on the bowl of the mixer cup diced pineapple, a cup of water and half a tablespoon of powdered moringa. Bate preparation until all ingredients are blended together. So you’ll have a great drink that combines fiber and all the power of moringa.

Moringa ginger lemonade: Click me cool for summer but also help you lose weight? Squeeze the juice of two lemons, put a tablespoon of grated ginger finely, a quart of good fresh water and a tablespoon of powdered moringa. Mix well and consume without guilt, which is light and good for your diet.

Moringa shake apple and oatmeal: do you need a good energy smoothie but to help you in your diet for breakfast? Then try the following mixture: an apple, a spoonful of oatmeal, a cup of water and half a tablespoon of powdered moringa.

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