Recipes of cellulite

celluliteCellulite – a problem many essentially poisons life. Bulk of funds for home use and salon treatments promise a quick and complete deliverance from it, however, as practice shows, not all recipes cellulite give the expected effect and really eliminate this condition. The more valuable tips and recipes, not really tested by one person, and having a positive feedback.

 Honey of cellulite

Enumerate all the beneficial properties of honey is probably not necessary: most people are well aware of them and successfully used.

 This is due to the unique composition of the product, and it contains in itself almost fifty beneficial vitamins, minerals and other substances. Studies have shown that the content of some of them exactly corresponds to the concentration in which these substances are found in human blood.

To fight against cellulite honey is used in conjunction with massage treatments, providing thus a double effect. Recipes of cellulite, including honey, do not provide for its internal use – exclusively outside. For therapeutic effect is best to take fresh honey (liquid), certainly natural. It should take a couple of teaspoons of honey, add a few drops of any essential oil for fighting cellulite – and you can start the procedure. The prepared mixture is applied to preheated problem area of the body, the hands for a few seconds pressed tightly to the body, and then flick come off.

 According to those who have used this recipe for cellulite, the first 2-3 sessions of massage, and they should last for at least 10 minutes, turn out to be quite painful, but then the skin gets used to such kind manipulation and reacts to them is not so painful. Typically, massage with honey, for 8-10 sessions allows you to remove up to 4 cm volume from all areas where you have it carried out.

Sea salt of cellulite

Enumerating homemade recipes to fight cellulite, not to mention of such effective means as sea salt. Many are aware of its impact on healing the skin, as well as the fact that after the treatments using sea salt skin smooth, supple and revitalized. However, this is not all its useful properties!

 It is no secret that the main goal of all anti-cellulite treatments – makes the skin smooth and eliminates the main causes of cellulite. And the best way possible in this sea salt can help. Peeling with its application removes dead skin cells, improves circulation which is so important in the fight against cellulite! Cleanses the skin. In addition, fine sea salt draws out excess water from problem areas of the skin; it improves metabolism and excellent polish the upper skin.

Expert Opinion

Prepare and use a recipe from cellulite is very simple: it will take about 100 grams of large sea salt, a few drops of olive oil or any anti-cellulite essential oils, and then apply the resulting mixture was massaged on the problem areas, ore-warmed under a hot shower. This massage should last at least 15 minutes, spending should be used twice a week, and after the procedure, be sure to moisturize the skin cream. First results will be noticeable after 4-5 treatments.

Mustard cellulite

Mustard cellulite involves the use of this product as part of the many recipes, the most popular of which are wraps. Explains the popularity and ease of use that does not involve the use of third parties, and, of course, performance. Recipes for weight wraps, there are many, but the simplest one assumes only use mustard powder and water.

Use this recipe from cellulite is extremely simple: a tablespoon of dry mustard powder pour a small amount of hot water and bring to a homogeneous state. Now apply the mixture on the problem areas of the body and wrap in two layers of plastic wrap. Duration of treatment should not exceed 15 minutes – it is fraught with burns. After quarter of an hour, take a warm shower and put on a skin cream. Soap in the shower, do not use!

In addition to wraps, has a good effect with the addition of mustard mask olive oil. Cook the mixture should be of mustard powder and oil in a 2:1 ratio with a small amount of very hot water. Keep this mask on the skin should be half an hour, then rinse with warm water, apply the cream.

Pepper of cellulite

Since an important role in the fight against cellulite plays increased blood flow in the upper layers of the skin, red pepper can help here as well as possible. Since the application of this product requires special care should be very careful to follow the recipe specified, otherwise the result of the application may not be pretty elastic skin, and severe burn. For recipes can be used as a powder and pepper tincture, which can be purchased at any pharmacy.

Using pepper composed wraps; you can choose your favorite recipe of cellulite, for example – on the basis of ground coffee. Number of pepper should be half the amount of the main ingredient, and the exposure time is also needed to reduce by half. Does not use simultaneously with mustard pepper! After applying pepper recipes, please refrain from the use of soap for at least 12 hours.

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