Weight loss surgery would prevent obesity is inherited

fatFactors contributing to the prevention of obesity

For public health, obesity is a major health and social problem. Therefore science is made available to study, treat and prevent various factors related to this disease; so much so that a group of scientists who have researched weight-loss surgery would prevent obesity is inherited.

In recent decades, different techniques for weight loss surgery have been a solution for many people have improved their quality of life. These surgical interventions have been developed and improved over time. Nevertheless, because some studies have found that such surgeries would prevent inherited obesity.

According to this study, women who undergo surgical technique for weight loss could benefit children born after the mother has been operated. How? Well, although genes that are transmitted are the same, these affect the child differently. Continue reading “Weight loss surgery would prevent obesity is inherited”

How to prepare a mango frozen low calorie

dietA fresh and healthy combination for the year

Want to eat something very rich, fruity and does not alter your diet at all? So a good frozen mango, low in calories is exactly what you need. Above, it is very easy to do, its pure fruit and is enjoyed as a dessert. Feel like preparing?

Mango frozen

When I have wanted to eat something that is rather rich, it’s healthy, that brings me interesting things to the body and not sue me a lot of work, usually choose this recipe. It is extremely easy to make at home and, if it were the freezing process involved, you take a few minutes. Continue reading “How to prepare a mango frozen low calorie”

Sweet and Sour Cabbage

dietCabbage is a great vegetable to include in a hypo caloric diet. So, what better to consider the main feature in a sweet and sour recipe? This preparation provides about 80 calories per serving, besides being considered satiating, purifying and diuretic.


Vegetables are necessary and essential for a balanced diet low in calories and work. One of the most popular vegetables included in the diet is cabbage.

A plant that provides diuretic, purgative properties because of its high sulfur content and fiber, antioxidant properties and satiating properties.

Sweet and Sour Cabbage Recipe Continue reading “Sweet and Sour Cabbage”

Natural diuretic and digestive

weight loseOne of the habits associated with overweight is to eat fast. This habit results in poor digestion, and if you add to this that you have fluid retention, your abdomen can increase volume even you’re on a diet. Therefore, we propose a tea based celery and anise to eliminate retained fluids and gases.

Sometimes it happens that even if you do diet and this is reflected in the balance, you can move onto tummy, which can frustrate even be a reason for abandoning the diet. Among the factors that can influence this situation is poor digestion, which can cause excessive gas. Continue reading “Natural diuretic and digestive”

Reducing diet reflux

weight loseThe hiatal hernia is a condition that can arise from obesity or can complicate it. So if you suffer from hiatal hernia do not miss the APP menu, a diet that will help you reduce gastro esophageal reflux.

The digestive system is one of the most affected by overweight or obese systems. One of the possible complications that may occur is the hiatal hernia. Condition is marked by the appearance of a portion of the stomach into the thorax through a hole provided in the diaphragm.

One of the characteristic signs of hiatal hernia is gastro esophageal reflux. So if you need to lose weight and reduce reflux that further medical treatment is essential to have on hand a special diet you can perform daily.

Menu APP low calorie suitable for hiatal hernia Continue reading “Reducing diet reflux”

Periodic fiber and satisfying

lose weightThere are many organic substances, through various scientific research has shown to be very useful to help you lose weight. One of these organic compounds is insulin, a fiber with periodic properties and satisfying. Do not miss this note, you know more about it.


Obesity along with being overweight has become a serious public health problem because of the health complications that cause this long term. If both conditions are maintained over time, the quality of life can deteriorate causing serious disease, level death. Continue reading “Periodic fiber and satisfying”

Smoothie rich in fiber pursuance

exerciseSmoothie rich in mucilage, omega 3 and with satiating qualities

The purslane is low in calories, present omega 3 is rich in fiber and can be arranged with her a great smoothie like I see in this note.

Purslane Have you ever heard of purslane? It is a very healthy plant, which in some parts is used as an herb, while in other places directly used as any vegetable. As this will be the use that will be agreed to this plant, Portulaca oleracea known as in this recipe.

Is that purslane is can be great at any weight loss diet because it is low in calories, provides omega 3 and, especially, we provide a lot of fiber. For this reason, be sure to consider this healthy green smoothie that will help you be very healthy. Continue reading “Smoothie rich in fiber pursuance”

How to Profit from nuts in the diet

dietAlmonds, walnuts and more

There is some folklore about nuts and dietary using up. Sometimes it is thought that almonds, walnuts and others can not be extreme by its high caloric value, but it is not. Its nutritional value is so central that you can take advantage of it to help you lose weight.


Lately, nuts have taken notoriety thanks to its nutritional and therapeutic properties. So if you want to add to your diet you may wonder if fat or several calories contribute. Continue reading “How to Profit from nuts in the diet”

The chip is the most fattening food?

dietTasty, irresistible, but very rich in calories

The fries are one of the most accepted, tasty and tempting meals in recent memory. They are extreme by both children and adults. All the same, did you know it is the most fattening food to be very high in calories?

A modern study by Harvard University inside the United States, said that the choice of food is the main cause of the spread of obesity, and the fries are the biggest culprits.

Each daily serving of about 30 grams. Of chips provides 160 calories and causes an increase of 0.77 kilos a 4-year period. While other foods, such as sweets and desserts can make increase 0.19 kilos in the same period of time. Continue reading “The chip is the most fattening food?”

Diet to detoxify the liver and burn fat

weight loseMenu clean radiance

Sometimes, to glow fat profitably you need to detoxify the liver, and it is therefore vital to have at hand an antiseptic and light menu.

The liver is one of the organs responsible for detoxification and cleansing of the body, as it synthesizes bile acids that help digest fat. If this body does not function properly, it is likely that the metabolism of fats is not suitably performed. Therefore, if you want to burn fat and lose weight you need a cleaning and light menu.

APP diet to detoxify the liver and burn fat Continue reading “Diet to detoxify the liver and burn fat”