How to Lose Weight with the help of the Kremlin Diet?

dietWith the help of the Kremlin diet can lose 5-6 pounds in 8 days. If we stick to this diet for 1-1.5 months, you can get rid of the 8-to 15-kg. The more extra weight, the pace of his departure faster.

Kremlin diet is based on the severe restraint of intake of carbohydrates, in connection with which the body begins to consume the internal energy reserves hidden in body fat.

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Blood Group Diet

Blood dietThe power deliver system of human and his blood group have a certain connection, in connection with what was discovered blood group diet, which has become over the past few years is very popular.

It is based on a very simple principle – for a person having a particular blood group, typical food that people ate at the moment of this blood. That is, it turns out that the very nature of man has been told that is most favorable to him from eating at this stage of human growth. Continue reading “Blood Group Diet”

Slimming tips

Slimming tipsDaki recommends their best tricks wanting to lose weight

The new column Susana Dakidissa going on a topic that will interest a lot: how to lose weight doing fun things. Does not sound too bad, right? So do not stop reading the note.

Exercises 1 are you one of those supremely bored when they exercise or practice of certain issues not amuse you too? Then it’s time you read this new column Susana Dakidissa. Here, the fitness instructor will tell you some methods to lose weight, but also having fun.

Slimming having fun:


You can exercise, lose weight and tone the body while having fun. An example is going to dance and being quite a while on the dance floor. That will burn a lot of calories and you mold the lower body. Continue reading “Slimming tips”

Properties of black soy for weight loss

weight lossSoy is a legume, for their components, can help you lose weight. Even as a variant black Soy has pharmaceuticals fighting obesity and its complications.

While yellow soybeans has upholsterers which can help you lose weight and combat menopausal symptoms themselves , there is another variety like black Soya containing pharmaceuticals that control overweight or obese .

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Cleansing Diet for the Change of Season

dietSince time immemorial, every time the seasons change, grandmothers advise purifying the body to function better and are less sick. Well, with the arrival of spring, what better than to add other benefits: lose weight faster. Do not miss this latest installment of diet APP spring to get started and stay in shape.

With the arrival of spring, the heat is felt gradually makes you remember that you lose those extra pounds that you added in the winter.

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Diet plane

Diet All organs work together to form the body and metabolism work properly. Nevertheless, one of the bodies most important to eliminate toxins, increase metabolism and debug effectively is the liver. If you want to know more about this body, do not miss this Diet plane.

The liver is an organ that provides essential functions for the body, especially metabolic functions. In fact there are metabolic diseases directly related to the activities of the liver.

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Lose weight

Lose weight Combination that eliminates toxins and helps you lose weight

If you’re looking for a drink to help you detoxify your liver, you can not miss this tasty guava and lemon water. The perfect combination to eliminate toxins and lose weight.

The liver is the organ responsible for filtering all harmful substances that prevents the body to function properly. Therefore, if you need to lose weight, a good start is to prepare a drink to eliminate toxins and fat. One of these drinks is water guava and lemon. Continue reading “Lose weight”

Weight lose

Weight loseWhen dieting is essential to know a number of natural options that can help you not be hungry or anxiety . This time I suggest five snacks that have the particularity to have no more than 100 calories. They are ideal to weight lose and eat without guilt.


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Pineapple Cupcakes Low in Calories

Pineapple cupcakes low in caloriesWant a recipe that is very rich, provides you the interesting things to your diet and not conspire against it? Then these pineapple cupcakes are perfect for you. Simply follow the recipe and encourage you to try them.


Eat something sweet and rich a diet is usually something quite complicated. But it is always a matter of ingenuity. . Rather, sharpen it and try to bring to your table dishes that are substantial, not exceeding in calories or fat and you generate sensory pleasure. Surely these pineapple cakes can meet all these expectations are easy to prepare: are made with yogurt 0%, pineapple and oats, so bring interesting things to your diet. Continue reading “Pineapple Cupcakes Low in Calories”

The Raw Diet

dietTime to new competition in A Losing Weight! At this time you can win a week’s raw vegan, completely controlled diet and followed by Irene Good, nutritionist and specialist in the field. Do not miss this opportunity!

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