Lose weight while having fun

lose weightDaki recommends their best tricks to lose weight with desire

The new column of Susana Dakidissa goes over an issue that is going to be of much interest: how to lose weight doing fun things. Does not sound anything evil, right? Then be sure to read the note.

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or the practice of certain issues not fun you too? Then it’s time that you read this new column of Susana Dakidissa. Here, as a fitness instructor you will have some methods to lose weight, but also passing it well.

Lose weight while having fun:


You can exercise, lose weight and tone your body while having fun at the same time. An example is going to dance and still enough time on the dance floor. There a lot of calories are burned and you mold the undercarriage.

Dancing is a wonderful way to burn calories and enjoy a good time at the same time. You can also take classes in salsa, zumba, or any other dance that you like, as dance of the belly; this can be a good alternative to the gym.

It involves an intense, but also super fun workout. You can go with your partner or a friend and spend entertaining moments while you exercise at the same time.

Dancing on bar or pipe dance practice pole dancing or what is the same thing. It is fashionable, is suitable for any body type and there are for all levels, is fun and molding the body in record time.

Personal defense

Another alternative to the normal exercise of self-defense classes are. They are not only a good physical training, they help you to feel more confident and to acquire skills to defend yourself and feel safe.

Hula hoop

We are sure that many of you have ever played with a hoop hula-hoop. Therefore also it is a very complete and fun sport. Only with the movement of hips that you need to spin to the hoop at the waist, you exercise to stop abdominal, waist, buttocks and thighs. It is a very fun way burn calorie and shapes the figure.

Domestic and everyday activities

Another good idea is to lose weight and tone up our bodies with domestic activities. What kinds of activities are the best? Cleaning Windows with circular movements can help tone your shoulders. Climb the stairs at a good pace, several times a day helps keep legs and gluts defined. Sweep the entire House strengthens arms and so on. Put motivating and raucous music; get the task with energy and burn a lot of calories.

Do hiking with friends, it is a very entertaining activity, and interesting and helps to lose weight and tone muscles. Walk and move everything you can in every day, go shopping and walking much, devoted a morning to go a store to another, looking at things, so you can spend several hours walk without realizing; walk the dog, play with your children in the Park, not to use the car for nearby routes.

Motivating sports

Practice a sport that you like and motivate you: skating, swimming, cycling, get group classes at the gym, taking those that seem to you more fun. Or get lessons at home, since you don’t have to go to the gym on my channel you have videos that surely make you spend time entertaining in addition to burn many calories.

We encourage you to play with friends, be it tennis, basketball, volleyball. And you think about enrolling in an adult Sports League? So you have fun, spend a good time and burn a lot of calories.

How have you read, interesting words of Susana Dakidissa, who gives you numerous proposals to make fun games and lose weight without problems and, above all, not to get bored. You don’t put these tips into practice!

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