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lose weightAre you always looking You Tube videos looking for the best exercises to lose weight? You probably know Susana David, then. This instructor takes twice a week throughout the virtual community videos the best of his repertoire. In this exclusive interview, you will see it share with you their best fitness tips to make you look flawless.

If you’re regular Viewer videos for fitness and exercise to lose weight, you surely know well to Susana Aspidiske. This former instructor is all a specialist in routines, lose weight dancing and such activities as necessary are when you want to lose weight.

His fame in the network is increasingly on the rise. And the reason is in sight: Susana shares at least twice a week all her secrets to look a well molded figure and to be healthy and well. This interview will surely you will be very interesting, since here he reveals his best tricks so that you can be in the best possible way.

How is that it has emerged the idea of sharing your work with the rest of the public?

Well, I was young as a fitness instructor. Eventually I had to leave this job for family reasons. As I missed it, since it was something that I loved, it was that I started. Watching American channels of fitness, I thought that it was something that my I would also like to do. So, here I am.

You think about the concept of lose weight dancing .Is this possible? Can you do something fun weight loss?

Clear. Dancing is a great ally for toning and body shaping. Its fun and it can also become an exercise cardio, depending on the intensity with which you do it. This is how it helps burn the fat. To be so much fun, it tends to go the time flying while you do, with which you can make a kind of a time almost without realizing.

What importance adjudications you to the exercise and physical activity to lose weight?

It is very important. Making only diet can go down weight. But the exercise is necessary for a greater burning of fat, muscle toning, shaping the body and to keep it in good condition: strong and healthy.

Which exercises you think that they are the best for toning the buttocks?

As for my ideal is to make combinations and not always getting the same exercise. Obviously the squats are great for this, but the buttocks in many ways can work.

And the best to lose belly

To tone the area, I would combine both abdominal traditional, with abdominal isometrics and oppressiveness. In this way you will work the abdomen from all angles and in different ways. So you orifices both the outside area of the musculature and the interior which is also very important.

Apart from that, if there is fat in the area, abdominal exercises will not remove it. Must make healthy diet and cardie exercises also.

A complete routine or steps that you recommend to readers? Is it advisable to alternate types of exercises?

It depends on your fitness goals. That is, if you want to lose weight very little, only tone, etc. In general, I do cardio in the morning and toning in the afternoon, half an hour each time for example. But if you have a lot of weight and fat to lose, it would be better to do more cardio and toning while by now.

It is best to go by varying types of exercise every two weeks or so. You need to change videos, routines, intensities, time, weight in toning, days per week worked, etc. First, because it is more fun and motivating to do always the same and, secondly, because the body is not a custom to do always the same, already then the exercise becomes less effective.

Advice in general would give you to readers of to lose weight that you want to keep in line or who want to lose some pounds?

I would say be consistent with sound and light food and exercise. That tries to both become part of your daily routine. On the subject of exercise, you should try to do what you like so that motivates you more. There are people who start a routine and soon get bored and leave it because you don’t like them. You should see what sports or what kind of fitness videos are that you like and do those. And be consistent with it, is clear.

For those who do not know your activity and are newly discovering your work, where can they see your exercises regularly?

I pass the link to my you tube Channel. Location up around two videos per week. You can make me requests for videos and consultations, I reply as soon as possible.

As you’ve seen, the fame that has Susana Aspidiske in internet is very well won. His exercises call for multitudes of women and now you don’t have rather than join his proposal and start your body to lose weight and to feel much better.

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