Anemia in Overweight is it Possible

lose weightAnemia in overweight is it possible. Even though they seem to be two conflicting diseases, an excess and deficit, if you suffer from obesity you may be exposed to certain micro nutrient deficiencies that cause anemia.

In the antiquity the fatness was associated with health. Today, it is known that this is not real, since overweight or obesity may be associated with deficiency diseases, such as for example anemia.

Is it possible anemia in overweight

The answer is yes. According to statistics, 28% of overweight women and 24% of obese women have anemia.

Why may they have anemia if you suffer from obesity

High consumption of foods rich in flour. Diet includes more meals at the expense of rich foods: foods rich in iron home, foods rich in vitamin B 12, foods rich in vitamin C.

Excessive increase of consumption of vegetables, whole grains, nuts, dried fruit and seeds. All of these foods contain fiber, which although it is beneficial to health and helps lose weight, if consumed in excess can prevent the absorption of vitamins and minerals, increasing the likelihood of suffering from anemia. Don’t forget that these foods are essential in the diet, but that doesn’t mean that you should eat them in excess.

Thyroid problems or diabetes. If you suffer from overweight or obese because of any of these diseases, are often very restrict diet, increasing fiber consumption and reducing the consumption of foods containing iron. This can lead to anemia.

By restrictive diets. These diets not only performed for a long time can cause rebound as a consequence, but also anemia effect.

Anemia is a disease little valued in some situations, such as obesity or overweight. For this reason, it is important to carry out analytical studies that evaluate your concentration of iron and hemoglobin in blood.

Starting a proper diet it is possible to treat anemia and weight loss, it is only necessary to set it to both diseases, and thus avoid one bigger problem.

Very often anemia mingles with tiredness or fatigue daily, but these are possible symptoms of anemia which you should keep in mind to consult your doctor.

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