Record of Foods with High-Fructose Bump Syrup

dietThere are many substances that are hidden in certain foods products made industrially, as for example high-fructose corn syrup. This substance alters metabolism and leads to overweight. For this reason, so that you can avoid these best products you have at hand a list of foods that contain it.

Fructose corn syrup is a sweetener that is used industrially to sweeten various food products. This is low-cost and very high performance, why is it used more and more frequently. As a result, the use of sucrose is going for several decades.

According to the different scientific investigations, the consumption of HFCs for long time causes various metabolic reactions that lead to overweight.

What causes the HFCs on metabolism

They alter the levels of secretion of certain hormones, e.g. insulin, lepton and gremlin. These hormones are intimately related to the control of hunger and satiety.Increased triglycerides in blood, which can lead to complications in obesity.

Increases the accumulation of fat at the abdominal level, causing an increase in the measures of the waist, measures that may be indicators of cardiovascular risk,

These effects are produced in your body when you eat products containing HFCs. Worst of all is that you are not aware of this, not by ignorance, but because they are not informed about it. So it better to know which foods contain this substance and delete them from your diet. Insurance will help you lose weight with just remove them from your meals.

List of foods with high corn syrup fruitful

Bakery: scones, cakes, tarts, bread, cookies, pancakes, omelets.

Soft drinks: the regular soft drinks in general use fructose as a sweetener corn syrup.

Breakfast cereals: If you read the nutritional labels you’ll see that many cereals that are usually consumed at breakfast contain fructose or HFCs.

Sausages. The sausage or other meats tend to have hidden HFCs.

Processed foods: within this group you can find pasta with cheese or foods and ready to eat.

Industrially made salad dressings: the dressing reduced fat, tend to have more quantity of HFCs, which is not beneficial. Although the seasonings are light, does not mean that they do not contain substances that get fatter.

Yogurt: very well read the nutritional information, since many brands contain HFCs to provide fresher flavor to the product.

Sauces: many sauces, especially tomato-based sauces contain HFCs to neutralize the acid taste of the tomato.

Keep in mind that in addition to HFCs, there are other compounds that appear as hidden sugar, totaling calories almost without realizing.

Increasingly more scientific uniformity there is reference to the effect of corn syrup of fructose on weight gain. Therefore, if you want to lose weight or control your weight read the nutritional information of the products you buy, you’ll get more than one surprise.

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