Physical activity as a complement to surgery to lose weight

lose weightIf you’re thinking about Bariatric Surgery as a solution for weight loss, you may wonder if it is necessary or not exercise before and after such surgery, as a complement to such treatment.

Many believe that surgery for weight loss alone may be enough to solve the problem of being overweight, but it is necessary to make a comprehensive treatment for all the potential of these surgeries. For this reason, it is important to answer all the concerns and establish whether physical activity serves or not as complement to such surgical intervention.

Is it necessary to exercise before and after Bariatric Surgery

Exercise before surgery is a very important pillar, it is necessary to lose weight before surgery. To do this, you must perform a special diet and exercise controlled by qualified personnel.

In addition, these new habits will serve so that, after the surgery you continue doing them.

On the other hand, the exercise after the surgery is very useful to keep you on weight, which although at the beginning you lose much weight, then you can increase again a bit of weight. For this reason, physical exercise is a habit that should be part of your life. It is not necessary that you spend money on a gym, walking, running or riding bike is enough to burn calories and keep a neutral energy balance.

Bariatric Surgery is the solution for many people with morbid obesity or overweight severe by adding to other risk factors, such as e.g. diabetes. However this not only this is sufficient, since the main objective is to change habits of life and power enabling you to maintain weight that you did this surgery.

Nothing will be done this surgery to lose weight, if you do not exercise and diet to maintain weight loss. Remember, is always advisable that you suggest a professional activity to do according to your needs.

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