Natural Remedy and Orders to Battle Cellulite

exerciesCellulite Also known as orange peel cellulite is one of the most common beauty problems and affects women especially thighs and buttocks.

Many doctors believe it is caused by factors such as a sedentary lifestyle, consumption of toxins and lack of exercise, among others. It is believed that between 90 and 98 percent of women has some degree of cellulite.

Although it is difficult to eradicate completely, you can stop your progress. The first step is detoxification. One way to achieve this is by eating apples for two days of different kinds, all you want, accompanied by herbal teas sweetened with honey. The apple will help restore the balance of the body.

Similarly, there are natural remedies that help fight cellulite. Then some of these remedies:

Natural remedies for cellulite

Cellulite Remedy 1:

 Mix mint, lavender, lime, verbena and basil evenly. 1 tablespoon per cup of boiling water. 3 cups a day. Supplementing with external treatments.

Cellulite Remedy 2:

 2 liters of water, let soak for 24 hours two large handfuls of ivy and two sages. Filter. Soak a towel in the liquid and apply cotton pads to the affected part.

Cellulite Remedy 3:

 Foot baths and hand baths: Mix equal parts celandine, ivy, heather, grass and add a large onion into slices. Prepare an infusion with 2 liters of water, let it cool and filter. Return to heat the liquid to take bath.

Cellulite Remedy 4:

 In a mortar, crush ivy leaves until they release some juice. Fill them with a glass jar and prepare an oleomargarine using almond oil. Similarly, prepare an oleomargarine bladder wrack. The number of plants in oleomargarine must be very consistent.

After 40 days, filter. Prepare an ointment with 2 parts ivy oil, 2 parts focus oil, 2 parts comfrey oil, 1 part calendula oil, 1 part hyperacid oil and beeswax. When cool, add 10 drops of geranium oil, 10 drops of oil of juniper and 10 drops of sage oil per 50 cc of ointment. Massaging the affected areas twice daily.


Losing weight slowly. Doing drastically, will only result in sagging skin and therefore cellulite further notice. It is advisable to maintain a healthy and appropriate to the body height and weight is taken.

Drink plenty of water. You need to ingest this liquid steadily, as it helps to eliminate toxins, hydrate the body, as the blood flow better. It is advisable to drink eight to 12 glasses a day.

Avoid junk food Processed foods contain a high amount of artificial colors, saturated and animal fats sugars, among other additives that increase fluid retention. Therefore should limit their intake to counteract cellulite.

Consuming vegetables.’s totally recommended, as these have a lot of antioxidants. It is better to aim for those greens. Similarly, organic food is another good option because it contains fewer toxins and less processed.

Practice exercises are always a good idea to do some kind of physical activity. However, in severe cases of cellulite, you should not practice high impact movements to predict any damage to the lymphatic system and blood circulation.

Massaging. This usually helps considerably in reducing the orange peel as it stimulates blood and lymph flow, removes dead cells, and promotes the growth of new ones. It is recommended before bathing them, to enhance their effect.

Apply essential oils. Standing those that are specially designed to stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic system, enhancing blood circulation and eliminate toxins. Although treatment can not completely remove the marks on the body, prevents further deterioration.

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