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lose weightNot only you interested in nutrients containing food, but also the acidity or alkalinity they contain, and cone this characteristic influences directly on lose weight and health.

Therefore, to clarify this topic better than Gabriel Gavina, alternative therapist, to respond in an interview why to lose weight we must alkalize.

In recent times, much is it talks about acidity and alkalinity and their influence on the internal environment, health and the scourge of overweight. Who better to talk about these issues than Gabriel Gavina, alternative therapist scholar of the alkaline diet, which has agreed to an extensive interview that allowed us to delve into all of its properties and its impact on weight and health.

What is the acidity and alkalinity

Acidity and alkalinity speak of concentration of ions hedonism present in certain substances or solutions. Measured by the pH which is a physiological scale recognized by all medical texts in the world.

Given that our body is basically water, roughly 70% of the body weight depending on the age, we can then measure the pH of our inner terrain.

The pH must have a balance and if you leave it too acid or too alkaline, creates an ideal terrain to prevent disease.Given the environmental conditions in which we operate and the lifestyle habits that we have acquired, especially in our food, there is a clear trend towards solidification in modern man.

What is the relationship in the solidification and obesity

Solidification of the inner field causes a significant toxic burden to be stored in places away from vital organs. But it could be said that the majority of it is stored in the safest place, which is our fat tissue, our fat tissue. For this reason it is very difficult to achieve weight loss without balancing our pH. To lose weight we must alkalize, and then the extraordinary wisdom of our body system will take us to the ideal weight easily.

What are acidic foods that are part in the Western diet

As I often tell my patients: there are no good or bad foods, they are all useful and nutritious depending on our needs at a given moment. Typically, we have need to alkalize and so it is a good rule to avoid meat, eggs, fish, refined grains, coffee, alcohol, sugars, sweeteners, fried, sweet, prepared, packaged.

Does what properties the bicarbonate in the body

The baking soda has a pH of 14 therefore it is a powerful alkaline and should be used with caution. It is advisable to talk to your therapist before use. To make us an idea of the potential of the baking you should know that Matt Otto Warburg taught us that the primary cause of cancer is the lack of oxygen at the cellular level and acid inside terrain. There is today an Italian oncologist called Tulia Smocking treating cancer exclusively with baking soda for your alkalizing ability with extraordinary results.

What other pathologies can try the diet alkaline

An alkaline diet is capable of treating any pathology caused by excessive acidosis of the inner land. In other words, almost any disease called civilization. For example: Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, infections of urine, candidacies, arthritis, rheumatism, osteoporosis, etc. That is nothing more than names with which allopathic medicine label to the symptoms. These symptoms do not but scream. I am acid, help me!

So the results are quick and important alkaline diet must be supported by other holistic techniques to clean vital organs such as the liver, lymph etc.improve digestion, enhancing the immune system, stress reduction strategies, ‘work’ emotions and an improvement in the general hydration.

What should be the alkaline diet to lose weight

An alkaline diet for weight loss is no different actually alkaline dieting to regain health, because it is based on a dramatic increase in the proportion of the most alkalizing foods such as green leafy vegetables. These possess much chlorophyll, enzymes, nutrients and a great load of minerals which are the true source of desalinization in the long run.

What are alkaline foods that should not be missing in the alkaline diet

We should place emphasis on spinach, sprouts, Canon, Arugula, lettuce, celery, Endive, broccoli, cabbage, sprouts, bean sprouts, kelp, wakame seaweed and trying to eat them without breaking them. For example: when kitchens spinach, arriving only at the point where is removed hardness without losing almost nutrient. That happens a few seconds to wet with hot water. I said wet and not cook. If cooking broccoli, should stop cooking at the moment that has softened and has been revived Green; and not to the point of turning it into a mash of old green color. You must find that point where you can eat it medium cooked without losing the nutrition.

Dairy products are controversial foods. For some scientists are foods that promote weight loss, while others are foods that not only not slim, but that they harm health. You, what you think of them?

As I have already said, there is no bad or good food in its natural form and in adequate amounts. That said, dairy products that reach our homes have several problems that make it a discouraged food.

It is pasteurized, i.e. they have wiped out you your enzyme potential, they have turned it into a dead food.It contains a protein called casein very difficult to process for human digestion. It is designed to grow an animal hundreds of kilos in just a few months.

It contains anabolism as the Rigor to grow the animal at a higher rate of which nature has predisposed him. And that product reaches the consumer through milk.

It contains antibiotics given to cows to prevent infectious diseases. It also comes through dairy products.If the milk is consumed unpasteurized and without pollution of the pathological medicines, yet should be consumed in small amounts and no more 1 or 2 times a week. It should be a complement to the usual diet, as well as other products of animal origin.

What properties doe’s sea salt? It causes water retention as well as table salt

Sea salt unrefined contains electrical charge and a lot of other much needed minerals to all of our physiological processes. Refined sea salt is a salt of lower quality, and table salt is sodium chloride only. Fluid retention occurs because the body is acid. The retained water dissolves the problem momentarily. Until you understand the problem and balances your pH alkalized. Salt marine raw will help you alkalize.

What is alkaline water

The alkaline water is one loaded with more negative ions than usual so water has one pH greater than 7 and therefore creates a clustering of molecules called smaller Clusters. What gives you a far superior to the normal water bottled alkaline and moisturizing power.

What is the importance of detoxifying the body to lose weight

Detoxify the body is an essential step to be able to balance the pH. Detoxify will eliminate your body’s waste that remain acid, IE its pH out of balance. As I have already said, balancing the pH will do that naturally and almost inadvertently account reaches its ideal weight healthily. In addition, if it maintains the pH balanced keep their ideal weight long term. That is what we really want.

Does opinion on quick and restrictive diets of fashion

Some of the fast diets many times are effective because there is a change in the frequency that swallowed food and the type of foods that are consumed. This creates a sequence of stimuli that they say who sold the magic diet, accelerate your metabolism. The truth is that only wave it.

The problem is that they do it for a short period of time and insufficient. Fails to address the problem of root of holistically, balance pH alkalinized. We must help the diet with the techniques listed above as detoxification cleaning our internal organs like the liver, lymph, colon etc. which, in turn, help to balance the pH, the real objective to recover his/her ideal weight.

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