How to Prepare Ground Flax Seed to Lose Weight

lose weightThe flax seed or linseed is one of the natural elements that more welcome tends to have within the people who want to lose weight in a natural way. Why? Because they have really valuable contributions for those seeking to lose weight, always taking the cereal as a complement of a diet balanced, accompanied by physical activity.

For this reason, you don’t have to take account of these preparation tips that you’ll see soon. It is that you can consume flax seed to deflate your belly without problems, always taking into account some of the tips you will see below, where you’ll see how you can prepare for your consumption in liquid format, preferably.

What are the properties of flax seed to lose weight

It is worth remembering the properties of flax seed to lose weight. First of all, is a seed that has a great contribution of soluble and insoluble fiber, which is always so good to absorb fats, to its subsequent elimination through feces? Without a doubt, the fact of being a great fighter of constipation is one of the great benefits of flax to deflate your belly.

Also he could speak of its fatty acids omega 3, as thus also their satiating capacity less. At the same time, also considered diuretic, inflammatory and antioxidant.

How can I consume flax seed in drinkable form

Not just drinking it in some preparations is the best way to consume it but perhaps the most effective way to digest it. For this reason, can prove it in the following ways:

Preparing an infusion of flax seed: That is, boiling it with water until it turns gelatinous. This is effect of soluble fiber that owns this seed, creating this effect.

Mixed with cold water: The process is similar to the previous one, although it takes more time. You just have to leave a tablespoon of flax seeds soaked for each glass of water. If you want to enrich the water with some ingredient type Chamomile, ginger, anise seeds or other elements that help to deflate your belly, then welcome. Just be sure to have the list preparation prior to soak the linseed.

With fruit juices: Does not differ too much from the previous cases. You take advantage of the benefits of flax seed to deflate you and also of the fruit in question. You use grapefruit,Orange, lemon, lime, strawberries, pineapple. Any fruit you have on hand. Just let soak the linseed in them as if it were water. And, in addition, you will have the added value of the flavor.

With tea: Both cold or hot, leave to soak your flax seeds in a little green tea or red tea. You will see that you not only so enter the properties of this cereal, but it also on drinks which are so healthy in general, and good for losing weight in particular.

In Smoothies: Here you can find several ways to add a little flax seed to your shakes, getting so as to avoid constipation in this way. You may try one with pineapple, one with strawberries and also one with pears .Would you like to see it in detail? Well then, do not miss the video below which shows How to take the flax seed to lose weight:

How is recommended to consumeĀ flax seed

Is often recommended that the flax seed consumed preferably ground. Why? Because in this way is digested by the body with one much larger than other facility. The body processes it best, the nutrients are assimilated better and so you end up enjoying better profits. Anyway, you can also take it whole.

Does flax seed results

This is what they say only two users about the properties of flax seed to lose weight:

I love flax seed. It is the only product that really helped me even for constipation. I take two tablespoons in a glass of water to get up and lie down. It makes me feel less hungry, I love this product.

I am consuming flax seed a week ago and I have lost 1.5 kg. The night before, a spoonful of liana in a cup of water boiling. In the morning, licuo a piece of papaya with a little water and whole flax seed and flax seed water, without sugar.

Do you have any contraindications

Although there are not many side effects, persons who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and other intestinal problems should, at least, consult your doctor before consuming it.

Don’t forget that flax seed can help you to treat constipation, to purify your body, feel more satisfied and also more deflated. But in no way think that it will do miracles. Therefore, you should not forget that the company of a balanced diet and physical exercise is more than crucial in these cases.

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