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lose weightNutrition and cleansing are two fundamental keys not only to lose weight and start to get in shape. They are the starting point for a healthy, disease-free life and trouble ahead. This is what emerges from the words of the interviewee in this week, the technical expert in cleansing practices Nestor Palmetto and nutrition.

Nestor Palmetto says is a necessary practice to begin to restore order in the body. Thus, weight loss ends up being a logical conclusion, a fact that occurs naturally once you’ve taken the correct habits. But you better not read it from his own words? You do not have more to enjoy this interview.

What is your concept of purifying nutrition

Purification and nutrition are the basis of our approach to recover full quality of life. I think which is chronic body fouling is the root cause of the evil so-called diseases. Facing the burden generated by chronic toxemia, the path of common sense is clean and not dirty. In reality the body has only two stadiums: order or disorder.

It’s simple. When there is order, or remind us of the body and everything flows beautifully: power, like doing things, creativity, and joy.When that order is lost, and depending on the severity of the disorder, we talk about symptoms of degenerative diseases and treble, chronic diseases. Beyond the labels, are simple stages of biological disorder.

And if we go deeper, we understand that they are body survival mechanisms. Hypertension is a clear example. The heart is forced to pump harder, not by whim or error, but to compensate blood thickening and to ensure adequate irrigation. However it is considered a disease and medical it, rather than clean blood.

Therefore prefer to speak body foul, a fact of new decades, generated by our unnatural way to feed ourselves and our total forgetfulness of the derivative maintenance. The problem begins when the food we eat are not adapted to our physiology.

Then, the digestion of the food is insufficient, flora is unbalanced, rot, swelling and slowing of the cud is generated. This combination of factors creates a dangerous increase in intestinal permeability, which allows that large amount of food and bacterial macro molecules, easily through the thin intestinal mucous.

Thus, large number of inconvenient substances is flushed quickly into the bloodstream, generating serious problems further, as the liver collapse, new parasitic diseases, and the tilde of the immune system. It is important that concluded Dr. Jean Signaled, after 30 years of trying and send incurable cases: when the inputs exceed outputs, more or less late we can expect a disease; When the throughput is greater than the contributions, the return to normalcy is feasible; the partial removal of wastes generates an improvement; the total elimination of wastes generates complete remission.

This debug levels helps the organism

At all levels. The body is an integrated whole and to retrieve the whole order. Why this approach, whatever the diagnosis of the person, suggests to work across all functions: intestinal, liver, kidney, blood, lymph, etc. Each one is closely related to the other.

Can I use this practice as a means to lose weight

The weight is only a reflection of the order internal. Therefore I see no objective weight loss, but restoring internal order. In the process, they will obviously missing toxic overload and that will be reflected in the scale. By experience, at the end of the process the person meets their physiological weight, which is always below 90% of your cm of height. Example: a person who measures 1.70 surely regain internal order will be under the 63 kg.

Would few pounds can be lost by a purge of this kind

Consider error become objectives in terms of kilos and suppress to get them. Before hand we know that that ends badly, rebounds and frustration in the person. The key is the internal order. And in this sense we see that people need to work energetic or vibration aspects at the same time of the purifying process. And one thing goes hand in hand with the other. For this reason, it is useful to take into account other complementary issues of organic reset which is made by the purifying process. Hence the need to integrate and take into consideration other aspects of reality holistic we are.

So it is important to work many practical non-physicals that help to complete this process holistic approach and targeting person to dispose their energetic or vibration locks and thus facilitate the organic regeneration process. And it all leads to a clearer vision of reality. To understand why we do what we do and why we eat what we eat. And with clarity, all dissolved, without repression or effort.

What should not miss on the table for anyone who wants to lose weight

When it comes to regain health, you must think of our biological fruit design. Over 5 millions of years of evolution, we had to adapt to environmental changes and survived Thanks to animal protein, cooking and cereals. But rather than return to the sources, these non-physiological habits agriculturist and now add the food industrialization.

It is as if you have a car designed for special gasoline and one day can not find the gas and use a common. Of course, it works, but over time, if you are still using the common, you will begin to notice failure and juice. That is exactly what happens to nourish us with food not physiological.

That live less and worse. And so it is important to know identify enunciates food to rule out them of the diet and start using more genuine foods and better adapted to our natural digestive capacity, or physiological food.

Is it possible to achieve a healthy body weight just only through food

No. why derivative recommendation. In all cases it is important to begin a deep cleansing work, which provides for the cleaning of collapsed bodies the wormed, clearance of a digestive rest and fluids. At the same time, we must identify enunciates food to rule out them of the diet, at least until having overcome the crisis. At the same time we should start to use food more genuine and better adapted to our natural digestive capacity. The key is clean and not dirty.

Of the different types of cleaning that exist, what would especially recommend you those who want to lose weight and how it would implement?

The first step is to rid the intestine and therefore I suggest to start with the wash of colon, only method that allows you to clean entire large intestine. This effective procedure is to circulate large amount of warm water by simple gravity and continuous flow. The patient does not retain the incoming water, they physiologically eliminating liquid and debris while you continue entering fresh water.

It is usually done over three days, in so many daily sessions of almost an hour. In addition to helping aware about everything that we have accumulated in the intestines, colonial washing allows to solve a series of pathologist associated with this toxemia, contractual, hepatic congestion, parasites, hemorrhoids, prostration, tumors, lymph edema, circulatory disorder, diverticulitis, etc.

Then release the intestine, must be used to hepatic deep cleaning, a technique effective and relatively simple to completely eliminate harmful gallstones that all we have. Given the safety of the method and its great benefits, makes no more sense raise doubts as to the desirability of practicing it, or expand the practice, waiting for a perfect time. The procedure is based on a preparatory period , during which daily ingested at least one kilo and a half of apples.

This is done to generate a softening of calculations, by the action of Malic acid present in the Apple. Then, during the two days of cleaning, 4 glasses of magnesium solution are taken. The effect of magnesium is to dilate the tiny bile ducts, in order to facilitate the transit of stones softened by the action of the apples. Finally swallowed an emulsion of olive oil and grapefruit juice, which causes a strong stimulation of bile secretion, which in turn activates the expulsion of calculations.

Where you can read more about their work and their activities

Work as a technician in Dietetics and natural nutrition. I am director of the Space cleanser at Villa Las Rosas. There you will find more about what I do.

As you’ve seen, cleansing nutrition proposed Nestor Palmetti not only can be a good option for weight loss, beginning to nurture you according to natural concepts, but also a mechanism of conduct that take you to feel much better in General. It is not easy, but it can become a big decision in your life.

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