Tips getting back to your weight after Reyes

weight loseSuggestions to overcome the temptations of the holidays

If you feel that the temptation has been more than the will and have eaten more this holiday season, don’t miss these 5 tricks to your weight after Reyes.

The meeting of New Year’s Eve, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve Parties are a large stone in the road for those who need to lose weight or at least controlling their weight.

For this reason, If you feel that the temptation has been stronger your will, you do not feel ill always have time to return to the road and to regain your weight.

So can achieve what you drink 5 easy, simple and practical tips that will help you not to feel guilt for overeating.

5 tips for getting back to your weight after Reyes

Get in motion. Go for a walk, run, bike ride, or perform any other activity that you like and you feel well. The important thing is both increase metabolisms, so you burn calories, to improve the mobilization of the bowel and reduce fluid retention. Physical exercise is very useful to treat constipation and eliminate retained fluids. Even if the cold you payphone, Ponte a bailer.

Before breakfast rich with a touch of baking soda lemon juice. Combination of lemon with baking is popularly considered an excellent alkaline natural remedy that balances the internal environment and helps you debug you. These effects will help you to lose weight.

Juice between meals. To help your body eliminate toxins and waste, nothing better to incorporate juices from fruits and vegetables to your diet and the best way to use them is to consume them between meals. Thus mark a feature extra, will be reducing appetite juices. Do not add you sugar or honey to these juices. How much more natural to drink them, the greater their properties. What fruits and vegetables use? The station is the best.

Soup meals. Fat burning soup at lunch or lunch and dinner is essential to remove hunger, clean the body and burn fat. Come on, cheer up there are many flavorful soups, such as for example the cabbage soup.Little dinner. A good way to lose weight is to dine small amounts of food, avoiding pasta, legumes and cereals.

These 5 tips are not difficult to carry out, on the other hand are easy to put into practice. Therefore, you have no excuses not to make them; you’ll see that they will help you to return to your ideal weight.

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