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exerciesFamous diet that sets trend in millions of people

No one can deny that Madonna is famous and all that makes it is followed by millions of people, even the diet making. Therefore, you may want to know what your diet to stay in shape.

Madonna is a world star that marks a trend that still millions of people. Her clothes, the exercises performed and your diet are followed by many. Therefore, better to know what is the diet that makes this mega star for staying in shape.

What is the diet of Madonna to keep in shape

In recent years Madonna has changed her eating habits, focusing on the consumption of organic food. The diet chosen for her is the Macrobiotic Diet.

Macrobiotics is much more a diet, as it is a philosophy of life. The goal of this diet is to keep the internal balance between the yin and the yang.

Achieving this balance between the yin and yang is obtained through the combination of foods. Ying foods are considered food passive, while yang foods are active foods.

What are the basics of the Macrobiotic Diet

Choose organic food grown without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides; without the addition of additives, colorings, and preservatives.

Consume whole grains, such as such as brown rice, barley, corn, and wheat; and it is supplemented with other foods such as fruits and vegetables. Also includes seeds and dried fruits to the diet.

Eliminate sugars and foods that contain them, such as buns, pastries kneaded junk food and sugary drinks.Replaced animal protein plant protein. To do this, you must choose legumes such as lentils, chickpeas, beans, beans, etc.Restricts the consumption of meat. When you consume meat, suggests fish or meat from the hunt.The diet that Madonna performs is based on these foundations and an example of this is this menu

Example of Madonna diet menu

Breakfast: macrobiotic vegetable soup.

Lunch: vegetable steamed with the addition of tofu, seeds, lentils or other beans.

Dinner: fish steamed with organic vegetables.exercies

While Madonna performs a Macrobiotic Diet, this is complemented by consumption of Kosher Foods. Remember that Madonna is devoted to the Kabbalah.

It is important to have in mind that, Madonna also follows a strict routine of physical exercises that allow you to maintain weight and shape.

While Madonna is an icon of the pop music world and that many are his followers, it is important to have in mind that there is a diet for each person, which must be adapted to your needs.

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