Tips for slimming diets

slimming dietsWith the about to happen arrival of summer both men and women want to be fit and lose those kilos for it that have accumulate over the winter.

There are innumerable weight loss diets and Point Fape have created a little guide to weight loss diets have better results to users over time.

1500 Calorie Diet This type of diet is ideal for those wish to lose weight in a logical and progressive manner.

Divided into five meals his work of art generates the body begins to consume fats Guide to slimming diets Collected.

Sausages, oils, fats and sweets should be avoid. They can be eaten three slices of bread per day, filet of hake, beef Baked or grilled, fresh fruit except banana nonfat yogurt, gelatin diet and salad greens, tomatoes, asparagus and 3 boiled eggs per week.

Atkins Diet: This is the first dissociate diet that once was very famous mainly because it allows lose weight quickly, but should be checked by a doctor as it raises the levels of uric acid, cholesterol, triglycerides and can cause constipation problems, since the expenditure of red meat, sausages and eggs increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

This diet has three phases: Induction, the progressive loss and preservation and differ only by the amount of carbohydrates you eat. Begin eliminating carbohydrates for two weeks for the body to use its stored in the liver and in the muscles (glycogen) in just three or four days have been used up and then more carbohydrates but this time consumed will be fat deposits.

The induction step is two weeks. In the stage of an intake progressive loss of 20 grams of carbohydrates per day utmost is maintained, to reach the ideal weight. Finally, the maintenance stage is based on gradually increasing your intake of carbohydrates while still maintaining control of the weight, if it regains kilos begins again with the induction stage.

Among the permissible foods include: meat, fish and seafood of any type apart from liver. Fats of any kind: oils, butter, mayonnaise, etc.. Eggs in the form and quantity desired.

With some restraint: Cheese cured or semi-cured Manchego, but without excess in quantity. Two small salads or a salad and a cup of vegetables, with less than 10% of carbohydrates a day.

As s drink: Water, decaffeinated coffee, herbal tea.

Meanwhile the prohibited foods are: Sugar and products like honey, jams, chocolates, etc. Flour and any foods containing it like bread, pasta, cakes, etc. Cereals, maize, pulses. Fruits and fruit juices. Potatoes and starches in general. Milk and generally anything that has more than 10% carbohydrate.

Mediterranean Diet: More than a diet is a healthy and impartial eating habits. It is a way of eating has proven consistent as the world Health Organization.

Key features include: Expenditure of fruits, vegetables, bread, pasta, cereals, pulses, rice and potatoes. Seasonal foods in their natural state.

Olive oil as the major fat product for frying and seasoning. Moderate consumption of cheese and yogurt.

Weekly and reasonable form preferably blue fish, poultry and eggs. Nuts, honey and olives in moderation. Red meat only a few times a month, wine in moderation and use herbs as an option to salt.

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