The top secret of a good diet

good dietThe majority celebrated diets that thousands of people worldwide have included throughout his life. However, not all of these diets reveal what the top secret to lose weight healthily and quickly. That is why in this article we will detail what the researchers say about diets and how to conduct a good diet.

To start you have to decide what works and what does not when it comes to embarking on a diet. The answer is simple: disadvantaged of fats and consume products not much light.

The problem is we’re confused and very few know the habits that must be preserved and which should be surplus when we decided to carry out a healthy diet.

On one hand, the body fat required. This has been called bad over time as it can be the cause of cardiovascular problems. But here we want to spread is that fat into perspective does well, and that their functions are unique in the body. It helps regulate body temperature and incorporates properly the D, E, or K vitamins A, only because fat is absorbed in the intestine. Not even a salad could get sufficient profit if you do not add a certain amount of oil, canola or olive wish.

Moreover, in adding up to fat, all foods a specific purpose in the body, even those who are supposedly bad when it comes to preserve the line. It has been established for example monounsaturated canola oil, olive oil and avocados, fats help lower LDL or bad cholesterol and increase HDL. A quarter of an avocado, a glass of wine, a square of chocolate or a spoon of oil a day are enough to get these benefits.

The impartial presence of body fat delays gastric emptying, so satiety lasts much longer. Of course, you should always try to avoid trans fats as they are harmful for the body only.

Finally addiction for products no good light. This does not mean we should eat all the fat or sugar products, but according to studies at the University of Texas (USA), has shown that the more diet drinks a person consume most likely to have overweight or obese, as which increases the need to eat advanced carbohydrates, such as candy.

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