The pink food system

 food systemThe raw food or live food is based on the expenditure of foods mostly raw and without any cooking, very low in calories, and they allow you to live longer and in good health.

Adherents of this raw food regime argue that cookery food destroys more than 40 enzymes that aid digestion. For raw food, the goal through food, is to eliminate the accumulated waste in the body and stop certain diseases such as arthritis, or cancer.

Model posing the raw food is based on a power plant, without cooking without alteration to better incorporate the vitamins. Privileged foods include fresh vegetables, fruit, cereals.

The live feed should consist of 75% raw foods. The rest can be pork, beef, fish, eggs and dairy.

The benefit of the system is raw food who is weak in saturated fatty acids and hydrogenation oil. Priority is given to the fibers and therefore has very little fat, facilitating weight loss.

Other compensation of the line and the absorption is that raw improve skin quality, reduce cardiovascular risk, diabetes and promote natural weight loss.

During the early days, this regimen is tricky to follow, particularly for people accustomed to a diet rich in sugar and meat. originally can suffer nausea, headaches …

This regimen is not recommended in expectant women, because of the deficiencies can cause children and adolescents protracted regime these features ends causing a absence in vitamin B12.

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