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Perfect dietsMisinformation is your worst enemy when it comes to starting a diet, because you never know exactly what makes him evil and what is good to the body. There are many myths about healthy diets, today I will tell you some realities that you will see very different things

1: Low fat or no fat diets are good for you.

People think that low fat diets are the most appropriate, but the reality is that at least one third of your daily intake of calories should come from fats; the body needs fat to energy, to transport vitamins throughout the body and for the regeneration of tissue.

2: It is only possible to lose weight with radical diets that you kill hunger.

It is true that if you stop eating for days or you kill hunger you will lose weight, but it will cause you more problems in the long run since the diets to lose weight in the short term do not burn anything more fat accumulated, but also muscle and tissue, so this can be counterproductive to your health.

3: What you eat at night is what most makes you gain weight.

It is important to take care of the balance in your meals throughout the day, if not eat breakfast nothing, you eat light and dinner in excess, you go up in weight, but not because the time in eat have something to do, but because you are not having a balanced diet. You must regulate your appetite and eat at least 3 times a day to not accumulate fat in your body and burn calories constantly. Effective and healthy diets consist of several meals and snacks during the day, stuffing you food at any hour has negative effects on your health.

4: Slow metabolism prevents that you can lose weight.

Recent studies have shown that the calories that you burn during the day depends on how much you weigh, that is, the more fish more calories burn. This means that the calories you consume are burned in proportion to your weight, the problem is that we are becoming more sedentary and don’t have enough activity to burn sufficient calories consumed .

5: Foods with fat and carbohydrates make you gain weight faster.

Believe it or not, weight is a slow process. You need to consume approximately 4500 extra calories to raise one kilogram backward to lower it if you eat too many carbohydrates and to weigh yourself the scale indicates that you raised weight, probably due to the inevitable consumption of air and liquids during the meal. How could a slice of cake weighing 50 grams do you climb a kilo instantly?

Nor will lose kg when you stop eating for a full day because the maximum amount of calories that you burn for 24 hours will not be enough to lose more than some few grams. Healthy diets should be balanced and balanced both in fats and proteins and carbohydrates.


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