A perfect abs

perfect absGood slim abs is important for many reasons: it helps maintain body posture, strength and ensures bust mobility, relieves the spine, relieves low back pain. From the point of view of male attractiveness, arouses desire, but it is also a sign of health and fitness lifestyle.

To see appear unavoidable abs is a reduction in fat body. Everything must start with a good diet, but also by a series of exercises to practice regularly.

Three elements should be considered to maintain a balanced diet as part of a bodybuilding program:

Eating at different times of the day, adding doses of protein to keep the metabolism way and provide the body with the elements needed for muscle development, and prevent its degradation.

Make a reasonable consumption and tailored carbohydrates with low glycemic index: value reflecting the impact of a food on rates of blood sugar, and therefore, on insulin secretion at the time of being assimilated by the body.

Consuming unsaturated fats like olive oil, walnut oil, rapeseed fat fish and saturated animal fats egg yolk, beef in order to counteract the reduction of carbohydrates and preserve all hormonal functions.

But the most essential thing is to keep well hydrated at the time of training , in order to compensate for loss of water and minerals which involves sweating.

The goal of having a six pack requires great personal effort and awareness of multiple items. Abdominal Visibility depends much on weight loss. This takes time, depending on the level splitting.

While the level of body fat were closer to 11 or 12%, you will not see great results.

In order to reach the desired goal, you must have a good level of awareness. In this process, we are all to ourselves, and our own objectives. Should be given great importance to food and sports always keep the same pace that we set ourselves.

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