The remedies and foods to avoid!

healthy foodBad breath or halitosis, though we want to call this problem, we all know very well the hardships that can create an unpleasant breath, both to those who suffer, to those who suffer …

Regrettably, bad breath is a very common irritation among people, who are increasingly difficult and dealing with natural remedies to avert it.

That’s how you start to shun garlic, onion, spices, leeks, weighty foods difficult to digest but also much protein as meat and cheese too fat such as Gorgonzola.

A very common mistake, particularly when you are on a diet for a long time, you never eat carbohydrates, the lack of which might just cause halitosis.

Not to bring up, then traces of coffee, tobacco smoke and alcoholic beverages in most of the times seem to stagnate in the mouth.

Not bearing in mind a lack of oral hygiene, oral diseases or certain medications, one of the reasons why we encounter a bad breath is bacteria present or outstanding in the mouth after we ate certain foods.

This is why, in adding together to following a healthy diet, you should avoid certain foods and preferring others as cranberries , celery or yogurt.

The cranberries are perfect to combat the bacteria on the surface of the fabric, preventing them from sticking to the teeth.

In addition, cranberry juice, if drunk habitually, can prevent dental problems like tooth decay and plaque. A special attention, however, to the fact that it does not contain added sugars harmful to teeth and bad breath and the amount of cranberry juice because we assume that an abuse may have a corrosive effect.

Celery is one of those foods that are used for a long time to heal from bad breath. This type of vegetables with its rubbery texture can partly remove the small food particles left on the teeth and tongue. Celery is also perfect for a mid-morning snack- tasty, pleasant and refreshing.

Then there’s the yogurt that, according to some research is a great help against bad breath because, in addition to destroying the bacteria, helps fight plaque, tooth decay and gingivitis.

But beside these foods is the case of incorporating the fresh fruit, being high water content, is an outstanding remedy to ward off halitosis.

In any case, these tricks are not enough to eliminate the problem of bad breath if they are not combined with proper oral hygiene.

Nor do you have to rely on spray, candy and chewing gum that yes, they can give you a feeling of brightness, but cover only smells for a short period of not solving the problem.

Then the hand tools, floss, toothbrush, toothpaste and a good mouthwash to maintain proper oral hygiene, either at home or in the office, and not only for their own defense, but also for that of our colleagues …!

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