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slim shapeThey are the ideal exercise to regain the form here 5 variants and leadership to execute them in the correct way

Doing push ups at least 3 times a week is good to help you lose weight, tone your body, to work the triceps, biceps, shoulders, back, abdominal and buttocks! The declines also teach you to grip the weight of your body. And do not think that they are an exercise for men only!

It ‘s true, the first time you try to do push-ups you seem an impossible and think that they are not made for you! But Maladroitness tells you some cunning to overcome the discomfort and agenda at least 3 times a week this home fitness exercise good for the shape and health!

It is not an exercise for males only!

Just think that push-ups are an exercise kept for Rocky Balboa! Often the woman practice cardiac activity leaving the upper part of the body, but if you can incorporate push-ups in your fitness program very soon feel the benefits: body and breast firmer but also legs, buttocks and abs more toned. In fact, tomorrow I start too! Remember that does not count the number of pushups you run, it is important to keep the right position and be able to expand the decline within 2 weeks.

The proper method to start

The first time is not easy, focused on the starting position. And ‘fundamental contract your abs and buttocks in order to always have your back straight.

Very important: the descent to the ground, his chest is going down and not the pelvis … you have to stay directly as a board!

Starting position: The opening of the hands should be slightly wider than the width of the shoulders, then when you become an specialist you can think of modular to make the exercise more difficult.

Try to respect the rules chin, chest, thighs means that these three shares of the body must go down together. The Olivetti is to try to touch the ground when you get off and move them away together when they ascend.

How many push-ups? Everyone must adjust the basis of its physical form, the significant thing is to include this exercise in your routine. Feel the benefits when you’re able to change the amplitude of the movement.

If you feel that you have no difficulty the theater the classic push-ups, you can add another set until you feel the fatigue of the muscles. It does not matter that you to be a 5 or 20, it is important to uphold the right posture and stare at a target, for example 5 more for each new session.

The 5 push ups 

Offers you 5 dissimilar push-ups to become aware of your progress and to vary your sessions. You can for example start with the exercise to the wall and combine another variant. The important thing is to know your restrictions and try to overcome them slowly.

If you can not come down nor to go back without having to take a break, try the variant for the year to the wall. If, however, you seem too easy to do push-ups on the ground but it starts with the legs raised. Once you understand the technique, you just get better!

The secret is the practice!

There is a trick to get better, the secret to being able to do push-ups, whether you’re male or female, is to establish a mini-program and follow it: even though initially come down only 2 centimeters does nothing. After a few weeks, be able to touch the floor and back without difficulty. To improve you have to get out of your console zone and suffer a bit ‘. If you have any doubts about your position, ask for help from a coach to avoid back problems!

You’re always careful to:

1. do not arch your back during the exercise

2. do not lift the buttocks

3. not stretch the neck nor lower his head too

1) The declines in feet for Dummies!

On his toes, place your hands against a wall, arms outspread, hands to the width of the basin. The body should be straight as a board, shoulders, hips and feet should be aligned.

Bend your arms and bring your chest toward the wall taking care to keep your stomach in and your back straight.

Breathing: inhale and exhale when you descend back up.

Variant for fit: the legs away from the wall to perform push-ups more challenging.

Repetitions: 4 sets of 10 push-ups with 1 minute recovery

2) The elevated push-ups: good for cut down

These declines are suitable for those who are not trained because they allow you to have a smaller load on the arms and chest.

Put your hands on a unit of medium height and get in the starting position with arms straight, stomach in and hands a little ‘more open width of the shoulders.

Most mobile will be higher, push-ups will be easy. After 2 weeks of training, try to repeat the exercise with a movable lower (or with a step or curb) to test your progress! Your goal is to be able to reach a height of 50 cm from the ground!

Breathing: inhale and exhale when you descend back up.

Repetitions: 4 sets of 10

Variant for fit: slowly lowers the height of the cabinet. You can also play with the opening of the arms.

3) The classic push-ups

All the have performed at least once in their lifetime.

It begins with the variant in the knee but if you feel you are already an expert, man or woman that you are, you start with the classic version!

Get on your knees in the position of the cat cross your ankles on top of each other and raise. His arms are open to a width a bit ‘wider than the shoulders. To perform well the movement and not risk injuring yourself, keep your back straight and your stomach in port throughout the descent. Get down on the floor flexing his arms and opening your elbows

Breathing: inhale and exhale when you descend back up.

Variant for trained men: supports your toes on the ground. For increased stability, you can open your feet to the width of the basin.

Repetitions: 4 sets of 10 with a recovery of 1 minute.

4) The push-ups without hurting wrists

When you do push-ups, body weight on the wrists and creates a tension, the more the body is heavy, the easier it is to have pain. Melarossa offers you this variant to avoid getting hurt and having to interrupt your workout.

Put your hands on the handles or buy the kettebell (weights spherical in shape with a handle).

Use these handles has 2 advantages: you will not have pain in the wrists and more you can slowly increase the amplitude of the bending.

Movement: wrists are always aligned. The location is the same and the movement also.

Breathing: inhale and exhale when you descend back up.

Variant for super trained; remove the handles in order to work on stretching the muscle

5) Push inclined to increase the difficulty

The reps with your feet resting on a piece of furniture or a chair are much more difficult because the load of your body is concentrated on the arms. To perform them, puts his feet up on a chair and put your hands on the ground. The body must always be tense and you never have to bend your back.

Arms spread a little ‘more shoulders, hands should be open with your fingers in order to give greater stability. Lower your chest bringing it closer to the ground by bending your arms without lifting his head to avoid contracting the neck.

Breathing: inhale and exhale when you descend back up.

Variant for supermen: To make the exercise more difficult, you can bring the hands in order to solicit more arm muscles.

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