Dieting junk or healthy?

junk foodNo scrap food, junk diets because there are combination that endorse weight gain and fat accumulation in the body, says nutritionist Maricarmen Oses.

Dieting expert if the three main meals of the day as well as the respective collations are balanced diet becomes healthier.

However, if we surpass the amount of protein, carbohydrates and sugars in a single day, the development of obesity is encouraged.

Maricarmen Oses, Splenda representative, states that when you eat more calories than you expend, they are stored as fat, which affects your health and appearance.

Stop food index!

The nutritionist says it is important to stop demonizing food and divide them into good or bad, as the grouping and frequency of intake that determines if they accumulate in the body as fat or are beneficial to health.

The key for a person to stay at a healthy weight is the combination and suitable food choices in our daily diet, that is, you must decide the frequency and amount to not convert their food into scrap.

A person who has a proper diet is not a celebrity who does not eat sweets, is a moderate person, order that varies its power and is active at the same time, says Maricarmen Oses.

If you want to have a impartial diet and not to deprive yourself of things you love, you just have to do some physical activity that allows you to burn calories to your diet can be more flexible. And you, you know to combine your foods for a healthy diet?

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