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weight loss dietAs you know, cereals are a staple and very important to our diet. Cereal consumption also helps our body to function like clockwork.

Importantly, many of the meals we eat, and products obtained from grains like wheat in this case, have gone through a process of refinement and deleted parts of the grain as seed. The germ is the most nutritious part of the wheat, and who consumes it offers some great health benefits, and this is because it is an important source of carbohydrates and proteins.

Wheat germ contains a high content of vitamin E, which regenerates the tissues to retain a muscle in good condition. It also maintains healthy heart and blood vessels.

It is high in vitamin C and this vitamin helps assimilate fats, sugars and proteins by our body. Due to vitamin F also reduces the amount of blood sugar.

By having a high content of vitamins of the B class, and adding the great contribution of minerals like zinc, you get to have healthy and strong nails, hair, and our skin.

It gives you a lot of energy because of the high content of protein and carbohydrates, and nourishes your muscles, so if you are an athlete, add wheat germ to your diet is highly recommended.

Due to the high phospholipid content is also controlled through this fantastic cholesterol food.

It has great properties for weight loss and losing weight naturally, and is a food that can complement any weight loss diet.

Diet is a food that can be found in specialty stores and health food stores. What you can buy in different forms, such as capsules or tablets, powders, beads or oil. What you can eat in yogurts, juices, soups, purees, etc..

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