A natural fat burning food

 fat burning foodThe best way to prepare it and how much you should eat to get maximum benefit from this great diet food, considered one of the incredible fat burning foods of nature. Commonly known as tofu, or bean curd, is also considered as the perfect food. The tofu has been called also Asia cheese. This food is achieved by grinding soybeans until they are cooked milk. Subsequently was added to soy milk based coagulant calcium sulfate so that it becomes solid. Tofu is a food that does well in all kinds of dishes, since it does not taste too strong.

There are three types of tofu: tofu firm and dense, soft tofu and steamed tofu, which is especially good for vegetarians. Actually, tofu has been a popular vegetarian food for a long time. Recently, it is consuming a lot in countries like the United States.

Tofu can be found usually in the dairy section of supermarkets, natural food stores and specialty shops.

Benefits of this food fat burning diet

Besides containing few calories, lots of protein and no cholesterol, tofu can even reduce the risk of heart disease. Indeed, tofu is an excellent source of protein, especially soy proteins, and also contains a large amount of other nutrients which are necessary to maintain good health.

Studies on the protein of tofu consumption reveal that tofu regularly can help reduce LDL cholesterol / bad between 35% and 40%, and increase HDL / good cholesterol.

One serving of tofu has 15% of the daily recommendation of omega3 fatty acids. The omega3 fatty acids are a substance that is usually abundant in fish and has properties that benefit the heart. Fatty acids are good for your cholesterol, and help the blood to clot properly.

Flavorless containing tofu function similarly to estrogen. It can help women with menopause. Flavorless are useful for maintaining proper hormone levels and fight against the loss of estrogen.

The same soy flavorless are essential in the fight against prostate cancer male. Research has shown that growth slows tofu prostate cancer and prevents enlargement of the prostate gland in males.

The protein tofu is essential for muscle building. Content of high doses of copper, selenium and manganese contained in the tofu to provide antioxidant protection of the DNA against several cancers.

Tofu also contains a large amount of calcium as well. Calcium combat rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis, while strengthening bones.

Eating tofu can help your diet to lose weight and maintain a normal weight because it only contains about 70100 calories, however, is full of powerful nutrients. Tofu is low in saturated fat, low in calories and sodium, but has advantages of meat.

The digestion of our body when we eat tofu is very light. All these factors make the tofu in one of the best foods to lose weight in nature.

Preparation recommendations Tofu

When you go to buy tofu, be sure to take a look at the expiration date printed on the package. Be sure to store it in the refrigerator and rinse the tofu by placing it in a bowl of water. It is more advisable to eat a few days after your purchase.

There are some people who are allergic to soy products, so you should consider this factor if you or a member of your family has known allergies to certain foods.

Strive fat cooking tofu to tap the high protein, fat burning goodness tofu. 

Firm tofu can be cut into cubes and then blend it in a stir fry, cooked on a grill or griddle, cooked, roasted, or made scrambled eggs in soups.

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