Tips to get a flat stomach

Slim StomachThe clothes are too tight? You’re going to have to unbutton your pants after a meal? Do you feel bloated like I was in the fifth month of pregnancy? Here are our tips to get a flat stomach and a wasp waist without too many sacrifices.

Fix your diet

Proper nutrition helps to avoid swelling and the formation of fatty deposits.

The protein animals meat lean poultry and fish , preferably grilled or steamed, eggs, the complete grains in limited quantities, the green leafy vegetables, tubers carrots, radishes), cabbages, leeks, the fresh fruit and dried fruit, dark chocolate, l ‘ water , the tea and herbal teas.

The sauces, fries, dairy products milk, yogurt, cream, white bread especially if fresh, fizzy drinks, fruit juices, fruit mealy, legumes, chewing gum, candies, sweets, snacks, pasta, rice and semolina.

Always eat at regular times, and sitting quietly it helps to have a table set. Chew each bite at least 10-15 times in order to facilitate digestion. Like best cooked foods to raw ones, use little salt , avoid the offers of the type sandwich-drink-dessert and not nibble between meals every time you eat something starts the digestion process.

Make moving in the right way

exercise is essential to have a flat stomach: allows you to burn calories king and then dissolve fat in certain places, sculpting the abdominal muscles and improving posture, and causes a natural massage to the digestive organs, favoring the assimilation and the elimination of the foods.

Practice an endurance sport. Making jogging , swimmin are , cycling are all aerobic activities: after about 40 minutes of practice at moderate speed, the body draws energy from body fat reserves. Drill the 2 -3 times a week, in the long term, these activities are an effective weapon against the rolls of flab.

Make the abdominals . Having the flat stomach also means having toned abs and firm. To get them, you have to do exercises which encourage the abdominal muscles, in order to lengthen and tonificarli. 10 minutes of exercise every morning, and you’ll have abs of iron and an enviable waists.

Work on your posture regularly practicing activities such as pilates , the yoga , the ‘ water aerobics and dance and trying to keep you upright with the wrong posture, either sitting or standing, causing relaxes the abdominal chin.

The belly is the center of the sphere brain receptor: it could even be called “our second brain.” If you feel unwell, emotional shock, depression or stress , energy crashes in the organs, causing pain, swelling and problems with bowel movements. In these cases, take care of yourself:

fon do to breathe. Sitting or lying belly up, practice abdominal breathing: with hand on belly contracted, first open the rib cage and then the abdomen, it blocks the air and then exhale in the same order.

massaged. To ease tension, relieve pain and activate the intestinal transit, massaged her belly clockwise, first lightly and then doing more pressure, insisting on hotspots.

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