Perfect abs

Flat absIn all muscle groups, we all know that one of the most notable for its design aesthetic, are precisely those abs.

Having a good pack of six, is brand identity and quality’s Abs represent the opposite of the belly and love handles, which is synonymous with health.

However, as with other muscle groups, their presence has a lot to do with genetics. While we can all have them, do not we all cost the same?

In any case, today we bring an exercise that will help bring some relief to the thickness and area, to facilitate you display a good abs, whether going to the beach as the stage.


This exercise does not require much to move heavy weights as to have a certain skill to do it, since it is performed on a machine and its implementation is very specific.

On the same machine where you carry the pole behind the neck, short ropes Buccaneers with two brackets and shall sit facing away from the machine while you go round your neck with the rope stirrups.

One caught you pass it with your right hand on the right side and one to the left on the left side.

Thus, the hands will be grabbing the handle up to your chest, such as a towel and take a bus you pass around your neck.

At that point, you throw on your torso down to the abdomen, moving the weight place, and you treat arrived with the chest to the knees.

A rise, as always, will retain the abdomen before returning arguers to achieve greater congestion in the abdominal area.

Muscles Involved

In this case, the exercise has a very specific mechanism, which is impossible for other muscles may be involved in the movement.

Most common errors

Actually it is difficult that can make mistakes in this exercise because it is a very simple movement in which you just have to push through the abdomen, while the strings are gripped by hands.

Although we have said many times that for a six pack, the main thing is the diet, this exercise can help you with the relief and accelerate the process to look pack.

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