Eliminating Slims some diet foods

Slim foodsSummer is here and concern for our body is multiplied compared to other times of the year. Getting a diet seems to be the most effective solution to lose weight and look great guy in bikini but… What if you could eat better, take care of your body and lose weight by simply eliminating any foods from your daily diet?

Dr. Ata Pouramini gives us the keys to lose weight without dieting, just eliminating a number of foods from the diet, which together with a number of tips to eat better and lose weight, get your goal almost effortlessly. All under a maxim: Always listen to your body before you put something in your mouth .

Almost all soybeans and their derivatives are genetically modified , and we must not forget that our body can not process and digest food is genetically engineered. Furthermore, soybean levels also high estrogen-like components , which interfere in our hormonal balance.

This is another genetically modified food. This grain is found in almost all processed foods, and it ends up turning into sugars that cause chronic diseases such as diabetes type II.

This food is found in grains, particularly flour. It is sticky and difficult to digest, especially in sensitive individuals such as celiac . In addition, their consumption increases overall body inflammation because it has high percentages of Omega 6 fatty acids. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow is a faithful follower of gluten-free diet , as well as many other celebrities who already feel the positive effects of eliminating this food.

There are natural foods to our diet. Moreover, currently the pasteurization and homogenization destroy nutrients such as enzymes, vitamins and proteins. Moreover, in dairy products are antibiotics that are harmful to the body.

One statistic is significant- more sugar we consume in a day than our ancestors in a year . The more sugar is consumed, the bodies become resistant to insulin and are more likely to display a type II diabetes. Artificial sweeteners are dangerous, toxic and cause serious health problems.

They are nuts, come from the family of legumes and grow underground in a damp environment, and catch many fungi not being protected by a hard coating such as almonds. More and more people who have allergic reactions to peanuts. Base your diet on fresh and natural food if you want to lose weight

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