Dinners light quick and satisfying

diet tipsDo not fail to mark our light dinner recommendations that will help you not only to lose weight or uphold your weight without starving, also enjoy a restful sleep.

If in adding together to not sense heavy, you eliminate some extra pounds and slumber more soundly, it is best to choose a light dinner, rapid and satisfying. The major protagonist is cooked salads and protein with little fat. Better opt for grilled, baked or steamed and breaded and fried forget that besides contributing many calories, causing slow digestion not advisable for the line or for a restful sleep.

After that you will notice that in the morning you wake up fresher and more alive, ready to enjoy a breakfast that will fill you full of energy to create the day off right. Lettuce, one of the properties that have, in addition to its low in calories, is that produces a relaxing consequence in our body, making it ideal for dinner. Link her tomato, normal tuna, celery, shredded carrots and even some diced turkey or low-fat cheese to enrich the protein intake, high satiating power. As we mentioned earlier, the better to forget the carbs and overload fat before bed. these foods are staples in our diet but much better ingesting morning or lunchtime as well go burning your calories throughout the day. At night, the corpse rests and these carbohydrates consumed can become fat and stay in belly, hips and saddlebags feared.

 diet tips

Run away the paste before going to sleep

Consequently, it is best to opt for a rich salad along with lean meat or fish: poultry, sausages light and pallid fish are ideal. If you desire you can also go with baked vegetables, steamed or grilled, much lighter than an accessory with rice or potatoes. Within white fish have a wide range of possibilities bream, sea bass cod, hake, whiting forever remember cooking with less fat as possible, aportales taste and smell using spices and accessories such as onion, garlic, parsley, lemon  although we recommend you do not overdo or cayenne pepper, which will help you fall asleep due to the excitation of the nervous system.

The summer star dish, perfect for your dinner light

If you are more of meat, fat prevents more like lamb or duck, and pour out ate lean beef, chicken or turkey. Smooth if the pig has no visible fat portion. A grilled with a side of salad or vegetables, take pleasure in a light and nutritious food wake rested and in good spirits. Regarding drinks, avoid those with gas, because even if no sugar, digestion and swell hinder your belly. For dessert you can opt for skim milk or a piece of fruit. The apples are especially recommended, as have a relaxing effect on the body as well as being extremely satisfying. Skin consumes them! As a ending, one infusion relaxing can be an ideal choice before bed, one Chamomile, one lime or those ready herbal combinations in handy sachets, provided no protein, digestion will ensure you a quiet and soothing sleep.

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