Women and weight training

Diet TipsAt present, more and more women are taking exercise with weights as a sport is offering them countless benefits either for purely aesthetic or health, or simply to improve their performance in a sport or specific discipline. However, many still terrifies them stand in a gym for fear of being unfeminine or mutate in men.

How many of us as coaches we have not heard a girl first arrives and tells us not want to work your back or arms because you are going to do great, but that if. Accept all the exercises that you can put your legs and buttocks.

It is a fact that within the building, there are many myths that have done what, even in these days, women do not want to know anything about weight training because they think that getting too muscular is an event that happens in just a few months training.

┬áIn this article, I’ll talk to some bad unfounded concepts that have been propagating for a long time in terms of resistance training for women.

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