The right diet depends on the age

Are hormones and their receptors to drive the fat deposits in various parts of the body. Around 40 years, for example, the waist tends to widen due to stress, over 50 years the silhouette is likely to become increasingly on apple, with the upper part of the body well marked. It is therefore necessary to adapt the diet to the body’s biochemistry, age by age.

If you have 30 years

During pregnancy, estrogen, progesterone, prolactin favored the formation of fatty deposits. In particular, the prolactin determines the accumulation of fat in certain areas that will serve in future for the production of milk breast. Estrogen and progesterone help to increase water retention because they make more labile than the venous system, as well, slag and pours water in the tissues. Often in these cases the lymphatic system fails to drain all excess liquid: puffiness and cellulite worse.

Fight the retention

Bet draining foods. Yes in many vegetables, broccoli, peppers, all kinds of leafy green salad, lettuce, chicory, gentilina. These foods are rich in fiber and trace elements, including potassium which drains the fluid accumulated in the cellular spaces, also slows down the emptying of the sugars from the stomach. This allows a better adjustment of insulin. Green light sprouts – watercress, mustard – and bitter vegetables – chicory, Catalonia, dandelion, chicory, endive. Their enzymes and vitamins reactivate the digestive mechanism, in particular the activity of kidneys and liver, real purification units. Still yes yogurt: the lactic maintain balance in the intestinal flora that has a key role in the process draining.

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