Watermelon Diet for Weight Loss

Diet Tipssandier ajar peso Watermelon is a fruit that has a lot of properties. One is the antioxidant, since it is one of the richest fruit leucopenia a type of carotene which the body converts into vitamin A, one of the best antioxidants.

 Besides having tampon vitamin C is one of the most important antioxidants, watermelon is rich in folic acid and water and provides very few calories so it is essential in weight loss diets also helps to urinate and drain so contributes to reducing water retention.

Also helps to lower cholesterol and is one of the fruits most appropriate for people with diabetes because it has low sugar content.

 With this diet you can lose about 2 lbs a week, losing the first weeks as in most diets.

It is a low calorie diet because we consume about 1200 calories a day.

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