The best exercise to lose weight

Jogging or running on a treadmill is the most complete and best exercises to lose weight considering running tape reduce the amount of fat you burn by 15%, it is preferable if we run outdoors.

Running set off many muscles at once and many of them work so we burn calories overall, not specific areas. Burn running sweat makes many calories and therefore fat.

The advantages are endless jogging besides fresh air and exercise ourselves in general, we test our endurance and we realize that we are gradually becoming more enduring.

Running burn fat twice running the same distance at a moderate pace that gets faster the weight loss. It is one of the cardio more comprehensive in that it is known that gravity exercises involved do we burn more calories than those who do not like is the case of swimming or cycling.

 Must not become obsessed with speed since it is better to run constantly and gradually increase the strength to run one day and leave out the exhausting exercise endurance. Worth going out to run 30 minutes every day and go gradually trying to make the journey longer. You can do every few meters one minute sprint and well-paced changes motivate you and gradually work up your stamina, this is not a competition is a race to the bottom to lose weight gradually and healthy.

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