Special Soup Diet

The soup diet is calculated in a hospital in USA, for those with heart disease and over weight, they needed to lose a few kilos sooner than undergoing an intervention.

This diet also eliminates toxins and cleanses the body of impurity. If we consider that each body reacts differently to changes in diet, could not say how much weight you could lose, but there are cases where a person can lose sandwiched between 4 to 6 kilos, and others in which be lower just a couple or so in the first week.

The Soup Diet basically based on a broth completed by means of vegetables and a splash of chicken broth and you can eat when on earth you feel like it or need.

 This soup is an energy metabolic postage, rich in natural resources and trace elements and its key feature is the high content of positive modulators of metabolism such as potassium, magnesium and ATP nucleotide involved in securing energy

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