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Diet TipsAccording to experts, when it comes to establishing a clear diagnosis of the night eating syndrome requires that food intake after dinner was at least half of the daily energy intake.

The way to know as precisely as this information is that the person write down everything you eat throughout the day, which in clinical nutrition technique called food log or “24-hour recall.”

This type of analysis is to annotate over all foods eaten day, in the most detailed as possible in terms of quantity, type of food or mode of preparation, by the hour or the time of day of consumption.

 In the multidisciplinary treatment of disorders of eating behavior, both the psychiatrist and the psychologist and dietitian agree on the usefulness of scoring off food eaten feelings or sensations experienced at the time of intake or choice of each food (sadness, euphoria or boredom, etc.).

From the Department, is provided on line users the ability to receive information after completing the “Night eating syndrome medical establishment for the diagnosis of this syndrome .

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