Slimming Exercises

Slim TipsKeep the body healthy and stronger, practice exercises the self feel good about them. Strengthen bones, joints and muscles; prevent injuries and stabilizer acting and especially the bones of the spine.

Provides a great cardio respiratory benefit, increase and reinforce blood circulation, reducing the risk of heart attacks, high blood pressure.

Helps eliminate tension and stress because, during exercise eliminates the hormone that produce them.

Favoring a process of detoxification.

How do the use?

It is important prior to any physical activity, consult your doctor. Each person must adapt exercise to your ability depending on age and health.

Before you start doing any bodily or sports practice is required to consider two important aspects:

1 Make a small heating start with low intensity, very soft and progressively to warm the muscles and prevent any kind of injury that may occur.

2 Perform pre-stretching to prepare the tendons, ligaments and muscles for exercise. Stretching should be gentle, relaxed, sustained, and endured for 10-30 sec, without making rebounds.

What exercises do?

Among the different types of exercises that can be performed, to burn fat is necessary aerobic type exercises; these are the most effective, as are those that produce the body to use stored fat for energy.

It is very important to choose a sport ore exercise that we like to avoid falling into the routine and enjoy the most while we improve our health. Among these aerobics can find:

Moderate: Walking, swimming, climbing stairs, dancing.

To start making a kind of exercise for the first time, start slowly and progressively to prevent tired soon, take soreness or injury on the first day and disrupt the plan. You have to start doing 15 to 20 minutes a day and gradually build five minutes each day to stabilize at about 45 minutes a day.

With respect to time to employ physical exercise, it should be emphasized that less is better than nothing, for one hours exercise a week is very beneficial, 3 or 4 hours are With respect to these general guidelines should be stressed that everyone must adapt to its initial state and may progress so slowly.

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