Sample Diet to lose weight

Sample DietTo learn the habits and top tips you should know do not forget to carefully read section Weight Loss before starting any diet practices of herein. The key here is to maintain or even increase protein intake while lowering the other macronutrients.

High protein and carbohydrate intake moderate

 Multiply the initial weight with diet is initiated by 25

 The percentage of nutrients is 40% protein, 40% carbohydrate, 20% fat.

 Come up with an example of a 80kg man:

 80kg x 25 = 2000 calories

 2000 cal x 40/100 = 800 cal protein / 4 = 200g of protein = 2.5 g protein per kg of weight.

 2000 cal x 40/100 = 800 cal carbohydrate / 4 = 200g carbohydrates = 2.5 g carbohydrate per kg body weight.

 2000 cal x 20/100 = 400 cal fat / 9 = 44 = 0.55 fat per kg fat.

 Every two weeks you should make appropriate adjustments using the same pattern, the weight will have dropped so much weight x 25 will be less.

 At first the caloric intake of 2000 cal. is acceptable, but as is adjusting the calories are less, your metabolism slows down and forms a spiral in which the result is the loss of muscle mass, diet therefore never be below 1300 cal, energy used by the body for survival, but we fall into a runaway absolute frustrating loss of muscle mass.

 Once arrived here and perhaps in a stalemate is mandatory (and depending on metabolism, routine aerobic activity and sports extracurricular activities) beat it up, playing with carbohydrates and proteins, lowering and increasing CH proteins.

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