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Exercises Parana sailor casa the pace of modern life that many people do not practice physical exercise due to time but is not always necessary to go to the gym or go jogging for exercise, just some type of exercises to do at home and a little perseverance. Creating the habit of daily exercise will not be not easy to achieve define your outline and thus keep you healthy and even better mood.

For the abductors can sit in front of a chair and put each leg on one side of it, try to raise your legs to the chair legs. Do 4 sets of 20 repetitions each.

Crunches: Lie on the floorboards in front of a chair and raise her legs to her knees and tries to climb into them by way of his hands clasped at the nape. We will do 4 sets of 25 repetitions each.

Lying on your back with legs at right angle to wake up one leg over the other by placing the foot on the knee of the other and take the body to the side of the foot that is on the knee. We will do 4 sets of 25 repetitions.

 Legs: up and down staircase with weight on your hand, go up a step with one foot and the opposite arm with the weight, if you have stairs you can buy a step or improvise with some great books and wood.

Lying on the floor of lad, climb as the crow flies leg and will endure full ten seconds, if at first you can not bear those seconds start from the second until we get to ten. We will do 2 sets of 10 exercises with each leg, flashing the leg at the end of each series. We can also do this exercise with a weight on it.

Lying on your back will stretch out both legs and crossing exercises of slow to fast about two minutes.

Sitting on the ground lengthen the legs to the front and try to raise your toes toward your body feeling the stretch across the back of the leg muscles. We will hold about 20 seconds on each foot and we will do exercises 4 times with each foot

Buttocks: Standing in front of a chair, put your hands on the back will raise the leg back and then the other leg Do 3 sets with each leg for 50 reps each.

Lying on your back stretches out solitary leg up and will endure 5 seconds and then change legs. Once we do four sets of ten do the same exercise leg moving sideways.

Lying on the floor oblique, climb straight leg and willpower endure full ten seconds. We will do 2 sets of 10 exercises with each leg, alternating the leg at the end of each series. We can also do this exercise with a weight on it.

Arms: With a rubber group about 80 inches raises his arms above his head and grab each end of the elastic with one hand and try to make bigger it to the maximum keeping one hand and pulling the center with the other. Do 5 sets of 10 with each arm. You can also exercise the arms forward and backward as if we were swimming.

Get fit with this type of exercises that do not require much time. You’ll feel better, and help us to care for your line.

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