Thigh exercise for slim

thigh exerciseTo make hip slim and stunning, there is a special diet for the hips. First of all, you need to eliminate from the diet of coffee, alcohol and fatty food. It should have as much fruit, particularly watermelon, which promotes excretion of excess fluid. Daily recommended to eat a half of watermelon or cantaloupe, and to them, you can add one hundred and fifty grams of grilled mushrooms, a large portion of salad and a boiled potato. Or two beefsteaks with tomatoes, fried on the grill and two tablespoons of corn. The third version of the snack – a glass of low-fat yogurt and fifty grams of unsweetened cereal.

In adding together to the diet should be carried out special exercises. Lie on your back, placing your hands at your sides, palms down. Hold up a little bent at the knee left leg, move it to the right knee and touch the floor. Slowly straighten the leg back to the starting position. Do the same for the left leg. Exercise should be repeated ten times.

Exercises for central thighs.

Sit on the floor, lean back and make longer your elbows on the floor. Bend the leg at the knee, pulling the sock over. Diverting leg to the side, straighten it. Repeat the exercise with the other leg. Make two sets of thirty times.
Lie on your side and bend the leg at the knee. The second leg must be straightened, sock drawn on itself, and the knee is turned sideways. Buttocks should be tensed. This is followed by slowly raise and lower leg, without bending it and not touching the floor. Do fifty reps for the right and left foot.
Very successful climbing stairs. Stand against the railing on the stairs to his feet stood on different steps. Holding hands on the railing walk up the stairs, swinging legs crosswise. Exercise should be done quickly before the end of the stairs.

Exercise for the outer thighs.

Lie on your side, lean on his elbow, his hands in front of him. Straighten your legs stretched out socks. Raise one leg at an angle of forty-five degrees and slowly lower the legs do not touch each other. Completed to thirty repetitions with each leg.

Exercise for the backside of the thigh.

Lie on the floor, lean on your elbows, pull the leg, then bend the knee and return to starting position. In this case, you need to pull a sock over. Make eighty repetitions with each leg in two ways.

Exercise for the frontage of the thigh.

Lie on the floor, lean on your elbows and raise your legs to the maximum height. Omitting them, bend one leg at the knee and the other does not touch the floor. This exercise should be performed at a time for each leg as long until you feel tired.

To get rid of clearance between the thighs are four effective exercises:

Lie on your back, bend your knees and dissolve in hand, maintenance feet from each other and from the floor. Then, putting a strong resistance arms, knees and try to connect again spread the legs apart. Make two or three sets of ten times.
Sit on a chair and hold down the small ball between your knees. Within seven to ten seconds to compress it down. Make five to ten repetitions.
Lie on your back, legs extended, place the ball between the feet and compress it seven to ten seconds.

Make five to ten repetitions.
Get up on the floor; put your feet shoulder-width apart, keeping feet from the floor to join legs sliding motion. At first you can hold on to the back of a chair for balance. Exercise should be done until then, until you feel exhausted.

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