Women’s weight loss secrets

Body fitnessThe first commission wanting to lose weight can be distinct as follows:- try to fool yourself and your desire for food.

Researchers found that those who are overweight, especially broken water exchange. In other words, the water in the body of the person is more than necessary.

 A similar phenomenon is caused by excessive production of insulin, which has the ability to contain fluid secretion. Thus, wishing to lose weight you need to limit yourself to accept not only food, but also water .

It is most excellent to prepare a daily menu of low-calorie foods. A worthy substitute fried cakes and pasta dressed with butter, will be juices, vegetables, fruits, dairy products and bread baked from wheat flour.

Fiber controlled in fruits and vegetables, fills the stomach, creating the illusion of fullness. A person does not feel hungry. The number of calories consumed is very much reduced.

In order to lose weight, you need to reduce the size of the portions. The intervals between individual meals to the contrary, gradually increase, bringing in up to four hours.

Often, the thought of the need to follow a diet becomes painful. According to psychologists, it is not necessary at all to give up your favorite foods. From time to time, you can afford to eat stony patty stuffed with meat or air cake. However, allowing him to such weakness, the next meal is better to abandon such a high-calorie foods.

The key to achievement of any diet is to gradually reduce calories, drinking during the day. Nutritionists call daily caloric level decrease by not more than 100 k cal. In this case, replace the low-calorie-dense foods should also be gradual.

Often, people who, for one reason or another appointed diet, complain about the monotony of the menu. However, according to experts, in order to lose weight does not have to be the diet of the same products. Modern food industry offers a wide assortment of dietary products, which improve the body and help lose weight.

One of the basic main beliefs of good nutrition is to eat slowly, chewing food thoroughly. Physicians assure that congestion signals originating from the stomach, reach the brain in only 20 minutes.

“Is it possible to get rid of the feeling of constant food shortage and the desire to try something delicious while cooking breakfast, lunch or dinner for the household?” – Ask other readers. Indeed, preparing foods, we have to try them. As a result, the actual number of meals increased significantly.

The output of such a situation one:- the need to cook quickly, such as using per-washed, peeled, sliced and frozen vegetables.

Another golden rule to be followed willing to part with overweight – brush your teeth after every meal. The fact that the taste of the food remains in the mouth is used to signal the brain of hunger and unsaturated. Drunk a glass of mineral water for a while to relieve acute hunger, which seems to be pursuing people all over the place during dieting.

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