Weekend watch your weight

Weight lossDieting can be a struggle for numerous people, especially on weekends when it’s time to relax from the stress of the work week.


The lack of structure and lots of delicious temptations, parties and restaurants can spell trouble for dieters.

Here are some tips to help you relax without falling out of your healthy eating plan.

One of the most important motivators to survive social situations without departing from your diet is the use of his family and friends to support you in your efforts to obtain and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

By asking loved ones to help him with his new lifestyle, will be more inclined to favor do good, rather than divert it from its path.


If your diet includes exercise, plan ahead to do something active in the weekend.


Start your day with a healthy breakfast like a bowl of high protein, high fiber cereal with fresh fruit and skim or low-fat.


Keep your home stocked with a lot of fruits, vegetables, healthy crackers or granola bars, and lean proteins not to consume too much fatty foods and sugary foods.


Keep your vehicle stocked with healthy snacks and water. Go shopping and attending events can leave you short of time to prepare a healthy meal.


Remember that there are plenty of delicious and healthy options available, and not have to eat the huge portions of restaurants tend to serve.


It’s okay to have small meals occasionally indulgent. Planning your special meal ahead of time can avoid excesses.

Any diet that makes you feel deprivation ultimately fail.


Enjoy a small piece of chocolate, candy or a scoop of ice cream during the week.  This may be helpful to prevent unwanted excesses weekend.


Research shows this behavior:- people who followed strict diet and exercise programs tend to lose weight more slowly than expected, and they ate more on weekends than during the week.


Get your rest. Sleep deprivation can wreak havoc on your metabolism.

Limit your intake of alcohol – drink water or other calorie-free beverage between drinks, studies show that one of the main sources of extra calories weekend is alcohol.


Keeping a food diary will give you the opportunity to take a look at your eating habits in perspective.

Every day of the week try to keep track of the food consumed, total calories from your meals, and how he felt about eating.

After a week, you can look back and evaluate your eating habits. This is a useful tool to decide which you want to set nutritional goals.


Note the calories you eat in the weekend compared to weekdays.

Many times, to see the difference in numbers is a good motivation to make some changes in your diet and increase your commitment to your diet

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