Tips to have a Firm Ass

Women ass1. Do not drink alcohol and sweets.

Ass are depend on the ¬†important in a healthy diet , there is no reason to remove them. What if we have completely eliminated from our minds are empty calories that have certain foods that raise the glycerin index . Precisely these calories are those that are shown in the alcohol, sweets, butter, sausage … These are very difficult to remove from our body and become fat. As we know one of the areas of the body where fat accumulates is in the rear.

Two. Taking too much sun.

The rear is exposed much to the sun, bikinis and swimsuits are becoming smaller. We do not realize but is receiving many rays. So I recommend you use sunscreen to the skin of the buttocks, if we do, it becomes a skin dehydrated, thin and flabby.

Three. Do not skip meals.

As I said in the article rebound effect, skipping meals is a bad way to lose weight , rather the opposite effect is achieved. Our body then realizes he is receiving less food, so it accumulates fat to survive without food and pull the muscle for energy. Just the worst for our ears.

April. Rise of the chair from time to time.

Spending many hours sitting at the computer is one of the worst things we can do to our rear. Physical inactivity causes muscle loss in the ass, sagging and also affects poor circulation in the legs and buttocks. What’s more causes fluid retention, one of the main causes of cellulite. Therefore, if you want a firm ass: Exercise!

May. Do not shower with hot water.

If you shower with a temperature above 37 degrees you cause damage to your skin : it leaves the body dry and exhausted. It’s best to shower with warm water and / or end with cold water. The cold water is excellent to reactivate blood circulation and helps keep skin firm.

June. Go up the stairs even if you lift.

This advice is very easy to follow. Upstairs exercises the muscles of the buttocks and toning a muscle that fat accumulates very difficult to eliminate: the hamstring muscle, located below the buttocks, the back of the thigh.

If you follow these simple tips is very easy you get a firm, round ass. The most important thing is to be toned and not accumulate fat. They are easy to make and will not cost you effort.

Any of these tricks are, in sample opinion, better than going under the knife. If you complement it with exercise, do not hesitate to get an ass 10.

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