Man & Women who Eat Little & Extremely Body Fat

body fatObesity is a disease characterized by excess body fat, the same can be diagnosed by calculating the Body Mass Index. A simple formula which is calculated based on the weight and height of each person. While body mass index is higher, more fat a person has.

No doubt, the main causes of concern to the development of obesity are negative habits such as poor diet and physical inactivity, though, David B. Allison (prominent obesity researcher) adds an interesting fact: Approximately 50-70% of variation in body mass index (BMI) is attributable to genetic differences.

The endocrine system is a set of glands whose function is to secrete hormones into the blood, so that they regulate body processes.

 A variation in the functioning of these hormones can cause changes in the body obesity is often due to lack of hormones especially growth hormone and thyroid hormones, or due to excessive hormones, hydrocortisone and insulin.

 Growth Hormone

 The height of an individual and contributes to muscle and bone development.

Studies on children suffering from growth hormone, low height and mildly obese, shows that his appetite is normal as its activity, thus their obesity is due solely to the lack of growth hormone.

Weight people

 Several studies confirm that the level of growth hormone of obese people is lower than that of normal-weight people.

 Other hormonal changes that lead to obesity, a hormone produced by fat cells and responsible for sending to the brain, the feeling of satiety. Logically, if there is a deficit of this hormone increases hunger and eaten in larger quantities.

 The interesting results of a treatment performed on obese adult men, the treatment lasted about three months, supplemented with diet and caused a significant decreased appetite, accompanied by a large weight loss. This is a first approach to the treatment of obesity, but provides a promising outlook.

Excess body fat

Obesity is not a cosmetic problem but doctor, excess body fat can cause problems such as diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease, stroke, gallstones, cholesterol, and some cancers.

At present, there are many solutions available for people who are obese, are no magic, but a visit to an endocrinologist who can provide appropriate treatment, together with the incorporation of a diet strict exercise and especially will play a key role in the treatment of obesity.

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