How many calories you burn with housework?

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Women fat burn 1,500 calories a day. But if we take each task to move to win, achieve an extra expense. “We can lose weight and tone your body with domestic activities. Whenever we are in motion, we generate the energy needed to make it happen. We must not think that the gym is the only way, “confirms to Entremujeres Sebastian Petrillo, fitness expert and director of Sport Maniac.


What kind of activities is best?

Crackdown the glass in a rounded motion can help tone the shoulders. Climb the stairs at a good pace, several times a day, helps to have defined legs and buttocks. Sweep the house adds to strengthen the arms. Washing a garment delicate old-fashioned, and board, reinforces and strengthens arms, “replies Petrillo.

  For every half hour of activity, consumption is approximately:

* Fix closet clothing: 190 calories.

* Washing dishes 160 calories.

* Pass the lawn mower: 160 calories.

* Rinse, lather and rinse the car: 130 calories.

* Collect the leaves of the trees fall: 130 calories.

* Clean bathroom and tiles: 130 calories.

* Sweep, go duster or mop the floor: 110 calories.

* Clean the windows: 100 calories.

* Vacuuming: 90 calories.

* Shopping in the supermarket or shopping: 61 calories.

Some tricks can help us meet the goals. For example, think we are not doing the housework, but gymnastics is for mentalizing about putting extra energy to the movement. We recommend putting together a routine to have continuity in the exercise and not abandon. Finally, put ankle weights can help make extra work just by walking through the house

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